In Five Nights at Freddy's 2, the Parts/Service room contains the old animatronics. Jeremy can get Bonnie, Chica, and Freddy away by the mask. But with Foxy Jeremy has to shine the flashlight a few times.


The Withered animatronics are there one to carry the prequel going as the toy animatronics are scrapped for parts to rebuild the withered animatronics into the Classic Iterations of the First game. They are also there to help balance out custom night, and help you get the third star on the main menu when beating the custom mode 20/20/20/20 which is all 4 withered animatronics set to the highest difficulty.


Withered Freddy

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Withered Freddy appears to have little damage as he has holes all covering his body as well as a few wires sticking out here and there, and you can even see the difference in his head shape but other than that he is normal. Sometimes, his right eye decays and shows the endoskeleton eye and the other still remaining a baby blue colour. He also has two buttons on his chest. If one looks closely, his endoskeleton mouth can be seen.

Withered Bonnie

  1. Withered Bonnie Head
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Withered Bonnie appears to have almost the most amount of damage. He is missing his whole face and almost his whole left arm, and has all his foot fabric off on his left foot, now showing his endoskeleton foot. Bonnie has red glowing eyes. He has many dangling wires near his eyes. His lower endoskeleton jaw can be seen. Also he is active on night 3. And his eyes sometimes are red and sometimes white.

Withered Chica

Withered Chica Head
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Withered Chica appears to have the second most amount of damage as she lost both her hands and her jaw appears to be broken, causing it to gape open showing off her endoskeleton teeth and can’t talk because of the broken jaw. She seems unable to move her arms. Her eyes are still deep pink/purple in color. Chica always has both arms either in a T pose or in a Y pose. She has wires from her hand spots and her mouth.

Withered Foxy

Withered Foxy Head
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Withered Foxy appears in a state of almost non repair, all his foot and leg fabric is gone showing his endoskeleton as well as his hand and almost all his arms as well as his torso and a little of his face and one ear. His eye still has colour. Foxy was talked about in Phone Guy's second night call how he can't be fooled about the mask and the only way to stop him is you have to shine a light at him.

Withered Golden Freddy

Withered Golden Freddy Head
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Golden Freddy has almost no damage except for wires coming out of his eye socket and missing an ear. Golden Freddy does seem to have some blood on him and on night 6 Phone Guy tells you that a yellow suit was used. Sometimes Shadow Freddy replaces him on a rare night!


  • Most of the damage is on the animatronics' face.
  • Withered Golden Freddy can only appear on night 6 and on night 7.
  • Sometimes Withered Bonnie's eyes appear red, but sometimes they appear white.
  • The withered animatronics also appear on the "Thank You" image on Scott Cawthon's website along with all the other characters, including the ones from the first game. This may suggest that the withered animatronics and the animatronics from the first game are completely different animatronics. However, this has not been confirmed.