Toy Freddy is an animatronic in Five Nights at Freddy's 2. He has brown fur, a black top hat with a red band, red cheeks, and blue eyes. He is first seen in the Show Stage area and proceeds to go into the Game Area. He then enters the Office Hall and proceeds to enter the Office.


Toy Freddy has a resemblance to Freddy Fazbear except Toy Freddy is plastic, and has brown paint, red cheeks, Blue eyes, a black tophat and a red band around it, He is a little fatter than Freddy Fazbear, he also has the black bow tie and has three freckles on his snout on both sides. Also he still has a microphone, and has two buttons on his stomach.


Unlike the first game Toy Freddy will become active as early as Night 1 and he will get more and more aggressive as the week goes on, but there will be some nights where the toys become inactive and the Withered animatronics become active.


Toy Freddy's function is to be Freddy Fazbear's counterpart, balance out the toy animatronics and character numbers, and to help with custom night numbers.

Ultimate Custom Night

"Relax, Toy Freddy is retired. He sits in the Parts and Service room playing video games on his big-screen TV. What game is his playing? Five Nights With Mr. Hugs, of course. The problem is that Toy Freddy has never been very good at video games, and if he loses his game, he will probably blame you for it. Check the Parts and Service cam to see how he's doing. In Five Nights With Mr. Hugs, there are three ways into the office and only one door can be closed at a time. Click the cams on Toy Freddy's monitor, then be sure that the appropriate door is closed to prevent Mr. Hugs from getting into his office. If you check on Toy Freddy and see GAME OVER on his screen, that means that Mr. Hugs has already jumpscared him, and now Toy Freddy is on his way to jumpscare you. Once Toy Freddy has been jumpscared, there will be no way to calm him down, and no way to save yourself."


Ultimate Custom Night


  • As with the other Toys it is unclear whether Toy Freddy is haunted or not.
  • In Five Nights at Freddy's 4 a literal toy of him is featured in a minigame. As this minigame takes place in 1983 it is entirely possible this figurine is the inspiration for the animatronic.
  • Toy Freddy is one of the five animatronics that do not appear in the air vents : four others are Freddy Fazbear, Golden Freddy, Foxy, and the Puppet.
  • Toy Freddy does not appear in the Game Area in the mobile version. It is unknown why this Occurs.
  • Upon entering the Office, Toy Freddy is the only animatronic who stands near the right side of the room, unlike the original animatronics, who stand directly in the center or left of the room.
  • It appears that the closer Toy Freddy gets to the night guard, the more his jaw hangs open, to the point where the teeth on his bottom jaw are not visible during his jumpscare. This behavior is similar to that of Chica's from the first game.
  • Like his original counterpart, Toy Freddy holds his microphone while hunting the night guard.
  • His jumpscare is also similar to that of Freddy and Chica, him popping

up near the night guard's face, rather than lunging at them like Foxy and other new animatronics.

  • He is also the only new animatronic (with the exception of the Puppet) to never enter the vents.
  • Toy Freddy is one of the few new animatronics that does not have an unlockable plushie on the Custom Night, along with Toy Chica, The Puppet, and Mangle