Scooper (Night 5)

The Scooper in Night 5.

The S.calable C.reation of U.lterior P.resence, or the Scooper is a machine located in the Scooping Room in Sister Location. It is used to dismember the costume and remove the endoskeleton from an animatronic for repair. It was also used to scoop Michael Afton in the real ending.

True Purpose

The Scooper, as the name states, is a machine designed by William Afton to take out the endoskeletons of the Animatronics (mostly Circus Baby and Funtime Freddy) after they murder and enclose kids in their stomachs at birthday parties, to destroy the evidence of the murders.


The Scooper is first seen in Night 4, where it is used to remove the endoskeleton from Ballora. Though unseen, the Scooper is used to extract endoskeletons of all the animatronics so that they can be fused together. On Night 5, in the Real ending, Michael is lured into the Scooping Room by Baby/Ennard, who then reveals their true intentions before activating the Scooper and eviscerating Michael, and then wearing his skin to escape Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rentals.

Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator


Blueprints for the SCUP seen in the insanity ending of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator.

While the Scooping Room is not seen in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator, there are blueprints for the Scooper to be found during the Insanity ending of the game. The blueprints reveal that the full name for the Scooper is Scalable Creation of Ulterior Presence, or SCUP for short. Of particular note is the Remnant Reservoir's notes which suggest the heat disables the movement of whatever has been removed from a subject and that overheating (e.g., burning) can disable the remnants permanently.



  • The revelation that the Scooper can inject remnant explains why Michael came back to life in the Custom Night minigames; his body was injected with Remnant, which bound his soul to his body.