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Security Breach: Fury's Rage is a fighter game, released by Scott Cawthon on April 28th, 2021. The game itself is a side scrolling game, featuring the Glamrock animatronics in a more realistic style. The game was created as an apology from Scott, who had announced Security Breach's delay in the release post.

The game features music from Leon Riskin, as well as artwork made by Claudia Schröder.


  • WASD: move Up, Left, Right, and Down, respectively
  • Shift: Jump
  • .: Attack
  • ,: Block
  • Enter: Summon Animdude
  • Shift + Attack: Special

While unlisted ingame, pressing . while in the air, but not immediately after jumping, will trigger an aerial attack.

Main gameplay

The game has four levels, each with unique boss fights. The game goes in waves, with the camera only moving after all enemies in each wave are defeated.

Throughout the maps, there are wooden boxes. These can be broken to provide powerups and coins, including a mini Animdude to summon as an ally.

There is also a secret fifth level, only accessible on hard mode. It's home to the DreamGeist.


Playable Characters

Glamrock Freddy

Montgomery Gator

Glamrock Chica

Roxanne Wolf




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  • Security Breach: Fury's Rage has questionable lore relevance at best.
  • Each character has different stats, although they all share the same totals.
    • From a power perspective, Monty is the best pick, as he has the highest base attack power as well as good Special attack power.
  • The game actually introduces brand new characters to fill enemy roles, rather than entirely reusing old characters.
    • These characters include the VR Sisters, Soulbrawler, Mega Brow, and Glamrock Puppets.
      • Soulbrawler and Mega Brow appear to be references to previous games, referencing Souldozer and Brow Boy respectively