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"When the fear takes hold, and reality fails. The stage is set, and insanity prevails."
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Roxanne Wolf is a new animatronic originating in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach, playing the keytar. She is a major antagonist in the game.

She was the keytar player in the band, who heavily focused on herself, thinking she is the best in the whole group. She is the mascot of Roxanne Raceway, a go-cart area in which children race against one another.

She meets her 'fate' when Gregory attempts to flee the raceway via one of her go-carts. However, she jumps in front of him to prevent him from driving towards the exit. Gregory doesn't stop, and instead jumps out of the moving cart. It continues in her direction, before running her over, 'shattering' her.


Roxanne Wolf is a gray wolf. Unlike most animatronics, she has light gray/purple hair going down her back, alongside a green clump curling up and then back down over her forehead. Similar to the other Glamrocks, Roxanne has leg warmers, however unlike the other ones, she has an additional set on her arms.

Roxanne appears to be wearing a red crop top, alongside wearing red underwear similar to Toy Chica and Mangle. She also has a long tail.


At the start of the game, Roxanne is shown to be full of herself, telling herself she's the best. However, when the player walks into her Greenroom for the first time, she's seen desperately trying to reassure herself that she's not a loser. She also appears to have the most emotion of the cast, being the only one seen to cry.

Roxy also loves racing, to the point of interrupting test runs because she doesn't want to miss any.

Gameplay mechanics

Roxanne, along with Montgomery Gator and Glamrock Chica, searches through the Pizzaplex on Vanessa's orders to find Gregory. She roams through the building, and looking and listening. Compared to the others, she appears to have better hearing, able to better track Gregory's location through sound cues. She's stated to have better eyes, allowing her to win races and see other animatronics through walls, however this does not appear to be the case ingame.

When Roxy is shattered, she is no longer capable of seeing Gregory, and as such it's safe to sneak in front of her. However, her hearing is enhanced further, and a single movement can often cause her to turn around and run directly towards the player. In her shattered state, she is capable of pouncing into and destroying boards if baited into them.

Voice lines

Your performance was perfect tonight! Thank you. Your hair is beautiful. Your tail is beautiful. Everyone was watching you. Everyone loves you. Everyone wants to BE you. You are the best! Thank you. I am the best. I.. am the best.
— When crawling through the vent at the start of the game
Your fans are watching you right now. I know.
Hey kid, Come on out. We're only trying to help.
— Random, natural line while patrolling
You might as well give up.
Give up. You can't win.
There's nowhere to hide.
Do you really think we won't find you?
You can't hide forever.
You can't outrun me!
You think you're better than me?
I'm the BEST!
Are you lost?
I can help!
I found him!
— Once she spots the player
Over here!
I heard that
You want an autograph?
Are you hungry?
Don't be scared.
I bet I'm your favorite
Where ARE YOU?
Sneak away, little coward.
I bet you don't even have friends
You are Nothing!
Nobody will miss you.
Come on out!
You're the best... You WILL find him first!
Keep searching! He can't hide forever.
Why... Why?!?
— Roxy talking to herself, once the elevator to Roxy's greenroom is first taken.
It's not your fault... That kid is just lucky...
— Ditto
We should've found him by now..
— Ditto
It's not fair! He must be cheating!
— Ditto
Who's there??
— When the player enters her greenroom
It's nothing. Don't get distracted.
— If the player walks into her greenroom as Gregory
Freddy, get out of my room!
— If the player walks in as Freddy
Don't be a loser... Get back out there!
Hey, I'm Roxanne Wolf. If you're looking for high-speed motor mayhem, Roxy Raceway is the place to be. Sign up today and be a Winner! Nobody likes a loser.
— When entering Roxy Raceway
Roxy Raceway is closed for seasonal maintenance. Come back soon!
I can still hear you!
— Ambient line after being shattered
I can hear you!
I can't see you... but I CAN HEAR YOU!
Why are you hiding from me?
I know you're there...
My hair is ruined...
Everybody still loves me... Right?
I am.. Still beautiful...
I just need a little work done...
I'm not.. a loser...
My face... My face! MY FACE!!
— Seemingly unused voice line, likely for when she gets shattered.
Give me back my eyes!
— Ditto
On your marks, get set... Go!
— Unused line, likely for the also unused Roxy Raceway minigame


  • Her name may be a pun on the phrase "Rock and Roll".
    • In addition, her nickname - Roxy - is most likely a reference to her replacing Foxy.
  • Roxanne Wolf bares resemblance to both Twisted Wolf and the unnamed wolf from Freddy in Space 2.
    • Though unconfirmed, this could imply they are different versions of the same character.
  • Roxanne's role of replacing Foxy could be a reference to the first game, where Foxy replaced a wolf animatronic during development.
  • Roxanne's competitive personality influenced the design of the Roxy Raceway. It also influenced her voice work.