Private Room

The Private Room.

The Private Room is William Afton's office and a secret location in Sister Location. Unlike the rest of of Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rentals, this particular room shares many familiar elements from the previous games in the series, though it mostly resembles the Office from the first game.


Fake Ending

It is only accessible on the fifth night's Fake Ending. It is accessed by disobeying Circus Baby, and going to the room on the opposite side of the Scooping Room. It is only accessible if the Baby Minigame is completed. HandUnit says you have wondered into a restricted area, and inicates it contains sensitive materials, as to why Michael Afton cannot leave until his rescue at 6 AM. Ennard then proceeds to hunt Michael, trying to get into the room, as well as emotionally baiting him to give himself up.

After surviving till 6 AM they get fired and sent home with a basket full of Exotic Butters as a gift while watching the last episode of The Immortal and The Restless.

Custom Night

In the non canon Custom Night, the Private Room is used as the main location, for the player to fend off animatronics.


  • By typing 1-9-8-3 in the keypad before the night begins, all three screens change from static to angles of the Bedroom, the Bed and the Hallway from the fourth game. Also, a Fredbear plush can be seen, similar to the one from the fourth game as well, alongside a remote control.
  • The Private Room's office contains components from first four games.
    • It has two doors on either side of the player, and has limited power like the first game, as well as using the exact same design and audio.
    • The room has three ways in which Ennard can enter, like the second game.
    • It has only one animatronic active, like the third game where Springtrap is the only animatronic that can kill the player, as well as having multiple jumpscares.
    • As well as this, the player has to listen for audio cues, like the fourth game.