The Older Brother is the bullying sibling to the Crying Child in the FNaF 4 Minigames


Five Night's At Freddy's 4

The Older Brother is only seen in the minigames, particularly on the second to fifth nights. His relation to the Crying Child is revealed on Night 5.

Five days from the party, he locks his brother in his room.

4 days from the party, the door is unlocked, but when the child enters the TV room, he jumps out from behind the TV with a Foxy mask on, making the child fall on the floor and sob.

2 days from the party, when the child enters his bedroom, he jumps out from under the bed, causing the child to fall to the floor and cry again.

1 day from the party, The Brother locks the child in the Parts/Services room, the child banging at the door sobbing.

On the day of the party, the child's birthday, The Brother and his fellow bullies, wearing the masks of Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica, surround the child tormenting him, the one in the Bonnie mask commenting that the child is pathetic. The Brother suddenly gets the idea to force the child to be right next to the Fredbear animatronic, the child screaming and shouting as he is dragged over to him. The Brother decides to force his brother's head into the animatronic, saying that it's a big kiss to Fredbear. He underestimates the strength of the mechanical jaw, only laughing with his friends as his brother's head is stuck. The child's forehead gets stuck between the second row of teeth, and the machine overpowers his skull, causing the Brother and the bullies to stop laughing and look in horror.

After the bite, the child to begin to die. The Brother comes to his little brother's bedside, and apologizes to him.


  • The Older Brother is theorized to be the young Michael Afton, as it is implied that the FNaF 4 family is the Afton Family. It would also give more motivation for Mike to save his sister.
    • As well as this, it would explain why Michael would be the protagonist of the gameplay of FNaF 4, as implied by the Survival Logbook; he was reminded of his part in the Bite of 83 from Phone Guy's Night 1 phone call, and thus suffered nightmares based on that and the events of FNaF 1.
    • Other theories instead suggest he is another brother in the Afton's that is not Michael, or he and the Crying Child are separate from the Aftons.
Big brother tv

The Brother behind the TV, for comparison.

  • The Older Brother's sprite changes from when he is inside the house to the Bite of 83. In the house, he has pale skin, a grey t-shirt and a Foxy Mask with black eyes. In the Bite of 83, he has tanned skin, dark hair, seems to be wearing a grey vast, and has white eyes.