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If you're looking for him by his real name - Michael Afton - look here. If you're looking for his child counterpart in the Novel Trilogy, look under Michael Brooks.

Mike Schmidt is the main character of Five Nights at Freddy's and is the character that the player controls. He works at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Mike Schmidt is the security guard who works the night shift.


The check Mike Schimdt recieves upon finishing night 5.

Michael Afton took up the name Mike Schmidt to work at the Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, presumably to avoid any questions about his identity. He was paid $120 dollars for his first week for doing his job, as known by a check given after finishing Night 5. He worked from the 7th to the 14th of November 1993. On the first night of the job, Mike listened to the recordings made by his predecessor, giving him advice on the night shift, while fending off the animatronics. While on shift, Mike suffered hallucinations, caused by all the paranormal activity going on around him. However, on Night 4, he heard Phone Guy die, and on Night 5, only heard a disturbing message. He also spent time writing in his security logbook, which he dubbed the Survival Logbook.

After Night 6, he was called "Employee of the month", due to his dedication, and praised for overtime. On Night 7, however, Mike tampered with the AI of the animatronics, and was subsequently fired. As well as this, other reasons included unprofessionalism, and odor.

Help Wanted

Mike Schmidt appears in the Help Wanted game over room, although it is unknown where this image comes from as Mike survives all the nights he works at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. It is most likely that Steel Wool did not consider this when creating the game over room, alternatively, the developers photoshopped Schmidt's eyes from his file photo (that should exist as part of Fazbear Entertainment paperwork records) to cut costs.


  • Mike Schmidt is never seen in-game, except for his blue eyes when he is stuffed in the Freddy suit during a Game Over.
  • Mike Schmidt is the only person to be seen in a third person point of view, seen on the FNAF 1 Game Over screen. In FNaF 2, Jeremy's death is in first person (with Fritz' as well), and in FNaF 3, only a Game Over screen in big red bold text is shown.
    • In FNaF 4, the Game Over screen is the same thing as the previous game, but a bit of a blood spatter is added.
      • Sister Location is a static screen, while Pizzeria Simulator and UCN are the same as FNAF 3.
      • Help Wanted's game over screen is a room that appears to be Foxy's Pirate Cove, although with only a table containing a TV. The TV contains an image of the FNAF 1 Game Over screen, and some text.
      • Special Delivery's game over screen is merely a screen saying "You Lost" and removing remnant.
    • If you were to count the security guard from Security Breach, however, this is no longer true.
  • The Survival Logbook, written by Michael Afton, heavily implies that Mike Schmidt and he are the same person. As well as this, Mike draws Nightmare Fredbear under "recent dreams", heavily implying he is the player character of FNaF 4's main gameplay.
  • It is theorized that Schmidt is the maiden name of Mrs. Afton.
  • His dead body is shown in the Help Wanted Game Over.
    • This should be impossible as Mike survives all 7 nights.
      • This suggests this screen is non-canon, or that Fazbear Entertainment photoshopped Schimdt's eyes from his employment photograph to cut costs.
      • He is named after famous baseball player with the same name