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Jake is one of the souls in The Stitchwraith, as well as the main protagonist of his story The Real Jake. A minor mention of him also dates back to Fazbear Frights: Fetch.


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  • Jake is actually one of the only characters who's respective animatronic doesn't have a relation to William Afton
    • This is no longer true when he's in the Stitchwraith, however.
  • Out of all characters, Jake is the first character who's death isn't caused by William or an Animatronic
    • He's also the first character shown leaving his Animatronic physically.
      • This makes him the first character who can be set free without Fire, but instead, a memory.
  • Since his story, The Real Jake, he has been theorized as an Afton.
    • This is due to various factors, such as his design elements lining up with the Aftons, as well as having an uncle named Michael.
    • This would make him the first Afton shown to die of natural causes, rather than an Animatronic.