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Gregory... you are... my superstar.

Gregory is the main child protagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach.


Gregory is shown as a young boy, featuring spiky brown hair. He has a bandage on his right cheek.

He's shown wearing a two-striped blue shirt, which has a lighter blue for the collar. His shorts are a light brown/tan color, which blends in with his skin. He wears white socks and white shoes with a large red stripe, blue Freddy logo on top, and blue lightning along with the logo.


It is implied that Gregory is a homeless orphan, since in the bad ending he is shown sleeping in a box with a newspaper for a blanket in the middle of an alleyway. In the game, Vanessa also tells Freddy that he can't be sent to his parents because there's "no record of him."

Voice lines

I'm trapped..
No, No! Wait, I'm still here!


  • Gregory is shown to be left handed.
  • Within Security Breach's gameplay trailer, he is shown to have a Fazbear-themed watch.
    • This same watch is shown to have a Camera system, alongside an inventory and records storage.
  • It should be noted that his design is similar to Charlotte Emily in some aspects.
    • The aspects in question are his eyes and hair.
    • This could potentially provide a link between the two characters.
      • Based on Vanny's link to Afton, this could be a rivalry similar to that of Henry Emily and William Afton
      • However, as Charlotte died at a young age, any link is indirect.
    • He also resembles the artwork of Greg, the main protagonist of Fetch.
      • However, as the design in the book is different, this does not go further.
  • On the Glamrock Freddy and Gregory statue, his shorts blend in with his skin, causing the illusion of him not having any.
  • Gregory is the first protagonist in the series to talk in game, outside of cutscenes.
    • If cutscenes are included, the only other protagonist to speak is Michael Afton
  • The only time he stutters is when he says his name is Gregory.
  • Along with Vanessa, Gregory is the first fully-modeled human character to be seen in the franchise.
  • He is theorized to be a robotic recreation of the Crying Child
  • He is the first instance to bring up the Pizza Plex having disappearances