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Roxanne Wolf (February Trailer)
"When the fear takes hold, and reality fails. The stage is set, and insanity prevails."
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Glamrock Freddy is the Glamrock version of the original Freddy Fazbear, as well as the star of Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizza Plex. Unlike the other Glamrocks, and the other incarnations of Freddy, Glamrock Freddy is genuinely benevolent, serving as the deuteragonist of Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach. A version of him also appears as an antagonist in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach: RUIN.


Glamrock Freddy is a bright orange bear, featuring a black Top Hat with a blue stripe and a black Bow tie. On each arm, he has red shoulder pads as well as a spiked bracelet. He has Red leg warmers on his legs, And a red earring on his Left ear. On his face he has Red and blue facepaint, alongside a blue stripe on his jaw, and a blue lightning bolt on his chest.

After the Parts and Service section with Chica's voice, The black paint on Freddy's bowtie chips off almost all the way, with it turning purple. On the other hand, when completing the claw upgrade, he gains the same hands Monty has. In addition, after the second one, his eyes become yellow; For unknown reasons, though, this state appears throughout all of the game.


Glamrock Freddy becomes dirty and develops cracks all over his body, however, despite this, he is the least shattered out of the Glamrocks and is still in good shape. His bow tie is replaced with a purple bow tie when upgraded with Glamrock Chica's voice box, his eyes become yellow when they're replaced with Roxanne Wolf's, and finally, his hands become purple with green fingers possessing powerful black claws when they're replaced with Montgomery Gator's.


The Prototype is a version of Shattered Freddy, featuring mostly the same appearance. The most notable change is that he's missing his head, and his stomach hatch now works as a mouth; To go along with this, his stomach hatch is more intact, having the bottom half of it functional and spiked like teeth. A green present, reminiscent of the one Glamrock Freddy had at the start of the base game, is visible inside his stomach hatch.

His joint coverings are missing, and his colors also appear to be darker than the original Glamrock Freddy, and on his foot is the word "Prototype" in black text. His claws are also much longer, and his suit is overall bulkier. His wristbands are smaller, but have much larger and differently spaced bumps. Splinters pierce through many parts of his body. His hand joints are also slightly higher.1


Freddy is caring, both wanting to protect Gregory while also wanting to protect his friends. Freddy is also serious, and willing to risk his own life for Gregory, as seen in the fire escape ending.

Gameplay mechanics[]

Glamrock Freddy serves as a portable hiding space. The player can summon Freddy with Q, and he'll move to the player's location, usually teleporting to get there. When hiding inside Freddy, the player is incapable of jumping, but most animatronics are incapable of detecting him, only excluding the Daycare Attendant.

When receiving upgrades, Freddy gains additional perks. Upon gaining Chica's voice box, Left-clicking causes Freddy to emit a sound which stuns all nearby animatronics. The sound is also capable of opening extra gates, which as of v1.05 are marked with a "No Chica" sign.

Monty's claw upgrade enables Freddy to bust down locked gates, signified with a golden lock around them alongside a "No Monty' sign. Upon getting Roxy's eyes, Freddy is able to see all gift boxes on the map, and approaching certain locations will reveal Retro CDs to collect.

Prior to v1.05, Freddy could open doors for the player when called, which the player can then enter Freddy and then exit when facing the door to head through. This would allow the player to bypass all security badge upgrades as long as Freddy was accessible.


In the Ruin DLC, Glamrock Freddy himself is no longer at the Pizzaplex. In his place, a prototype version of Glamrock Freddy appears in Fazer Blast, shattered and missing his head. This prototype Glamrock Freddy chases Cassie through a small hallway, before taking a separate route and attempting to ambush her at the AR Inhibitor. Prototype Freddy is invisible while the V.A.N.N.I. mask is on, and as such, is the only animatronic without an AR mode jumpscare.

In a Promotional image for the game however, a fully shattered version of Glamrock Freddy is visible along with the shattered versions of Roxanne, Monty, and Chica. This appears to be the version of Freddy in the Redemption and Disassemble Vanny ending of Security Breach.


  • the words "I AM NOT ME" could be a reference or inversion of Classic Animatronics words, "It's Me" in the First and Second Games.
  • Glamrock Freddy was the first Glamrock animatronic shown off.
  • In Glamrock Freddy's teaser, Vanessa's shadow can be seen in the back.
  • Based on the unused lines, Glamrock Freddy is the only known animatronic capable of detecting the presence of blood
  • When going through Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Place, Freddy mentions that his friends are down there.
    • While some believe this to be referring to Tangle, it's revealed to refer to the other Glamrocks directly afterwards.
  • In the base game, Freddy is the only animatronic with a 'Shattered' state that does not appear during actual gameplay.
    • Instead, Shattered Freddy is exclusive to the Vanny ending's final scene.
    • In the Ruin DLC, however, Shattered Freddy is seen, albeit as a prototype instead of the actual Freddy
      • This instead makes Glamrock Freddy the only main animatronic without a 'Ruined' counterpart.
  • In unused dialogue, it’s revealed that Glamrock Freddy remembers Gregory from before the events of the game, before powering down.
  • He has been theorized to be Michael Afton.


  • The 'Prototype' writing on his foot was actually missing in the trailer.
    • It's unclear if this was intentionally hidden to keep it a surprise, or if it was added after the trailer to clear up a misconception.
  • The legs on Prototype Freddy actually belong to Montgomery Gator, just retextured with Freddy's colors
  • Notably, Prototype is missing Monty's claw upgrade, despite Freddy being upgraded with it in the base game.
  • Despite not speaking, Prototype does have a voice box.
    • It's worth noting that this voice box can't belong to either Glamrock Freddy or Glamrock Chica, as Glamrock Freddy's voice box was taken by Gregory, and Glamrock Chica's can be collected in Chapter 4, well before the Prototype is encountered.


Shattered Freddy[]

Freddy in Space 3[]


Trailer Voice lines[]

Gregory, be still... I think she's found us.
— Glamrock Freddy, Trailer 1
You should be able to escape once the security doors reopen at 6AM... Until then, Keep moving, and try not to draw attention to yourself. If there is another way out, I Will help you find it. I promise...

Ingame Voice lines[]

Showtime already?! I am experiencing a malfunction. The recharge cycle is not complete.
— Start of the game
Who said that?
— Once Gregory speaks for the first time
Down where? I still do not see you
My stomach hatch? That place is reserved for oversized birthday cakes and pinatas! It is not a safe play area!
There you are.
— When Gregory hops out of his hatch
Scanning complete. How odd. Your guest profile is unknown to me. Who are you?
Gregory. I will notify the main office. Huh, connection error. I cannot connect to the main network.
Who? Who is looking for you? Your mother?
That is the security guard. She can help!
Why not?
Take this. It is a novelty Freddy Fazwatch.
I am sending you an encoded message.
Hello, Gregory. It is me, Freddy. I will escort you to the main entrance. However, I am unable to leave this room. You should have no problem. There is a button behind me on the wall that will open the door to the back room. I will make it accessible to you now.
— When the first message is read
Well done, Gregory. There is an open air vent inside the maintenance room. You will have to climb through the ventilation system and release me from the outside.
— When the door to his back room is opened.
Oh? You are going to need a Photo Pass to open the door. Apologies, I assumed you had one already... Well, you should be able to find one at a convenience counter.
Good job. Now, please come let me out.
— Once the photo pass is obtained
Way to go, Superstar! I knew you could do it.
I know how to get you out of here. Climb back into my chest cavity.
There is still time, but we must hurry. If I am spotted, I will certainly be taken back to my room. I will escort you to the main exit through the utility tunnels. It is the safest path.
Do not worry, Gregory. Even if we are spotted, you are safe with me. She would never suspect that we are travelling together. However, we should still do our best to avoid her. If I am sent back to my room, we will never get to the lobby before midnight.
I feel you are broken.
No, I feel that something is wrong. I am taking you to the first aid station.
Officer Vanessa, I do not know how I got here.
I apologize.
I said nothing. I will keep you safe. Let us go.


Note: In addition to this line, his lines from the base game are echoed while wearing the V.A.N.N.I. mask in certain areas.

Har har harhar har har harhar harhar har! Happy Fazbear birthday, Pizza games and cake! Open all your presents until your tummy aches! And you are one year older on your special day! And when this song is over, you'll be on your way!
— Plays faintly during a cutscene.

Unused lines[]

I am detecting blood. You are injured.
— An old line relating to the initial Utility Tunnel passage. This was censored and later replaced by the "I feel you are broken" line.
Your arm is cut badly. I will take you to a first aid station.
— Another censored line from the same scene, right before Freddy took control.

Joke lines[]

It should be noted that the voice lines seen here are not canon, however have been officially voiced by Kellen Goff himself.

Gregory, Do you see that small vent on the floor? Have you ever heard of Among Us, Gregory? You need to Vent. I know it will be hard for you to be sus, but I know you can do it Gregory! I will just say we were both in Security watching the cameras. It is partly true... lmaoggsez