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Freddy in Space 2 is an Indie RPG Platformer and a spin-off of the Five Nights at Freddy's series created by Scott Cawthon.

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Freddy is back... in space! Every good horror series inevitably goes to space, but how many of them go back for a second round?

When Freddy leaves the lunar base on a deep-space mission, the central computer system is hijacked by the newly installed high-tech computer assistant: L.ogarithmic O.nline LAN-compatible Z.ero-error H.ydraulic A.uxiliary X.ylophone(?), otherwise known as L.O.L.Z.H.A.X.

LolzHax has brainwashed the other resident space warriors, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, and that weird gangly space puppet, and has locked Freddy's son outside the station with limited air remaining. Can Freddy rescue his friends, defeat LolzHax, and save his son in time?

IMPORTANT: Some people have been having difficulty with the controls in this game. To change the controls at any time, press CTRL+Y to bring up the control menu. From there, click on the X in the keyboard column for player 1; that will let you set the keyboard keys. From here you can also change to joystick mode! :)

This game was originally designed for the December 3rd, 2019 fundraiser for St. Jude hosted by Game Theory. The live-stream is over now and was a big success. Thank you to everyone who watched and contributed!

Even though there are no more donation incentives left in the game and its purpose has been fulfilled, hopefully you can all still find a lot of fun and replayability in this game! So please download and enjoy! It was a lot of fun to make. #fnaf #platformer



In the main four levels, various secrets can be found. These include secret bosses, bonus collectibles, and even Golden Freddy himself.

Golden Freddy

Within the second level, Galactic Factory, there is a Box after the Robo Chica fight. This box cannot be broken normally, however attacks interact with it. However, Puppet is able to destroy it.

With Puppet, use your Gift Boxes attack to destroy the box. Then, head back up to the Robo Chica arena. There, lying on the floor, you should see none other than Golden Freddy.

Secret Bosses

In the main four levels, secret bosses can be found. All five of these are references to various people; Whether it be youtubers, or Scott Cawthon himself.

The Poopet Master

This boss can be found within the first level of the game. Whenever you find the graveyard, simply go to the left until you find a stair case. One of the blocks will look out of place; Slide into it, and you'll slide through into a secret area containing a portal. This portal will lead to the boss.

His design resembles that of Dawko, except with Puppet facepaint on and his lower jaw is detached. He also has a tongue visible within his mouth.

For the most part, his attack pattern is predictable; His jaw rises and falls while he goes from side to side. Occasionally however, balloons may appear on the sides.

Only the top half of his head is able to be damaged.


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Mad Theorists

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Animdude: The Revenge

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S. Cotton

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  • This is the only Five Nights at Freddy's game designed for a charity event.
  • Lolzhax, the main antagonist, was initially a fake identity used by Scott to troll the fans with a FNAF World 'Leak'.
  • Despite making her debut in the teasers, Roxanne Wolf was not actually in the game.