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Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery is an augmented reality game developed by Illumix in collaboration with Scott Cawthon. The early access was released on 22 November, 2019 and the game was officially released on 25 November.


Five Nights at Freddy’s AR: Special Delivery is the next terrifying installment in the FNAF franchise. Players will confront malfunctioning animatronics in their real world and attempt to survive these horrors come to life. Through the game, players subscribe to Fazbear Entertainment’s brand new “Fazbear Funtime Service” and get their favorite animatronics on-demand. Due to unfortunate circumstances, the visiting animatronics malfunction and attack subscribers instead of entertaining them.

Players must confront an endless stream of hostile animatronics that will follow them wherever they go. The question is, how long can players survive? And just what is happening at Fazbear Entertainment?


  • IMMERSE YOURSELF in terrifying augmented reality audio-visual attack sequences exclusively designed for each animatronic
  • EXPERIENCE real-time location based gameplay, where FNAF animatronics will pay you a visit wherever you are and wherever you go
  • SURVIVE animatronic attacks by using your limited resources wisely (including battery, flashlight, and shocker)
  • COLLECT parts, CPUs, and plushsuits to ASSEMBLE, test, repair and deploy your own hotwired animatronics, and search & collect remnant in your environment
  • SEND ANIMATRONICS against your friends and other players, and get the highest streak on the leaderboard


Various animatronics from previous games have returned in this Augmented Reality game! More get added over time, so the list is subject to change

Unreleased Characters

Within the game's files are a set of characters which have not yet been released. Please be aware that this list will contain spoilers, and all characters seen here can get removed at any time.

Content is currently hidden. Please click Show to reveal

The list of characters include:

NOTE: Icon isn't referring to Overworld icons, rather the icon on the CPU.


Most animatronics have a similar strategy. Keep track of them with your flashlight, avoid looking at them when they haywire(Some may have different haywire mechanics), and shock them if they uncloak. Notable exceptions are Mangle, Ballora, Shadow Bonnie, and Plushtrap.

Shadow Bonnie's main strategy is different. You must shine your light at him, hoping to get him before he gets you. By shining your light, the dark remnant fog on your screen will disappear. You can also run away from him if the Occlusion feature is on.

Usable Strategies

  • Commonly moving your camera from side to side inside the static. The reason this works is that, by covering the entire area, the Animatronic will always be seen.
    • Please note, this may not work on some CPUs

  • Staying right outside the static. This one works differently, as it essentially reduces the level of danger, at the cost of increased paranoia; When not in the static, most animatronics cannot haywire, thus forcing them to charge.
    • This has been tested to work on the following CPUs:
      • Freddy
      • Shamrock Skin
        • Note: Haywire range extends past the static.
      • Bonnie
      • Chica
      • Foxy
        • Note: Haywire range extends past the static.
        • It should be noted that Foxy is fast, and is able to haywire while stalking.
      • Golden Freddy
        • Note: Does not work in Springtrap mode.
      • Toy Freddy
        • Note: Haywire range extends past the static.
      • BB
      • Jack-o-Bonnie.
        • Note: Haywire range extends past the static.
      • Freddy Frostbear
        • Note: Haywire range extends past the static.
    • This does not work on the following CPUs:
      • Toy Bonnie
        • However, this strategy is still recommended, as it makes finding his haywire easier.
      • Toy Chica.
        • Prior to the Toy Freddy Return patch, this strategy actually Did work.
      • Springtrap.
    • Regardless of CPU, this does Not work on certain Plushsuits unless the player is in full focus.
      • Curse has almost completely silent footsteps, as if he's walking lightly through mud.
      • Serpent Mangle is quiet, and it's hard to hear her footsteps or charging sounds.
        • It should be noted that the Freddy Mask silences her entirely, both while walking and charging.

  • Tilting your screen sideways. This will enable more vision over the area, allowing full vision over certain animatronics' static ranges.
    • This is the recommended strategy for Springtrap.

Animatronic Alerts

Alerts are a feature which will appear randomly. These feature text appearing at the top of the screen, with their own textbox, acting as lines from the animatronic. These often appear randomly while on the map, although it's possible to get them after an encounter as well.

Aren't you too old for this?
The name of this game is FUN! Are you ready for some?
Party time! Pppppp-arty ttttt-iiiii-mmmmm-eeeee^&(((
Hi there! Welcome to Fr-*^@#repare to die
Hi there! Welcome to F-f-f-freddy's Family Diner! Hope you enjoy your stay!
Forever is coming.
Tick-tock, said the clock.
You're going to have a lot of fun in here. Promise.
I will shut you down. Forever. Like you are trying to do to me.
So close. So very, very close...
Closer, now. Closer. Closer, little one...
Hold very still now and maybe you will be safe.
Is that you, Father?

Despite being Generic alerts, these alerts appear to be directed towards the Nightmare animatronics specifically. It is unclear if these were intended to be hints, or were coincidental.

You will not be saved. You will not be spared.
Your nightmare is just beginning.
So little time. So many of you to eat.
Listen very, very closely and you may hear me before my teeth close on you.
Can you feel my breath on your neck yet?
We hunger. We hunfserwwre23$
Be so kind and help me count my teeth, little one.
Let's see how many times you can be pulled apart.
I am so glad I found you. Let me find room for you.
Won't you be so kind as to help me count my teeth?
I have many, many teeth - all the better to eat you.

Alongside all of these, Funtime Freddy has one as well.

Get ready for a sursursursur-prise!

Hello there! I am thrilled to meet you.
Hold on tight. The main attraction is almost here!

Wait 'til you see my new guitar!
Where do you think you are going?
Don't be afraid. I would't hurt you.
Maybe if you're lucky we'll let you join our band.
I am so happy to see you, I could just eat you.

Stay where you are so I can bring you a gift.
Let's go somewhere I can eat you.
You won't get tired of me, will you?
Say \\\"Cheese!\\\
Let's smile...together!

Let me come and we can enjoy some ggggggames together.
Watch out for my hook. You wouldn't want to gouge an eye out.

Ready to float away with me?
You'll help me be a real boy, won't you?

You can't outrun your fears.
Don't you remember?
Hide if you want. It will only buy you just a little more time.
I will make you suffer. Suffer, like so many of the others.
It hurts inside. I want you to understand that. I want to make you understand that.
I remember you.
You. Fear. Me.
It is time.

I don't recognize you. Are you new?
Will you save me from the others?
What kind of a person would pay to be willingly scared?
Would you like me to make ice cream for you?
I smell like birthday cake. Is it your birthday yet?
I wonder what will happen when I try to scoop you out of your carton?
If you keep your eyes closed nothing bad will happen to you. I promise.

I can hear you breathing.
Why do you hide?

Well hello again!
Hey, Bon-Bon? Think our new friend is ready to come out and play?
Ready or not, here we come!
Knock-knock! Anybody home?


Note: Not all bugs may be listed here, be it due to a lack of documentation, or other reasons.

Technical bugs

  • The Loading Glitch
    • What the bug is: Game stops loading entirely on startup.
    • How to fix: Close and Restart the app.
    • Category: Soft Crash
    • Status: Unknown, Seemingly patched
  • The 'Spam' Glitch
    • What the bug is: When sending an animatronic to a friend, quickly recalling it and sending it again will send duplicates. These Duplicates will only go away if encountered or jammed, allowing players to keep their slot for other uses. As of Ancient Equinox, the ability has been nerfed, having a 5-10 second delay.
    • Category: Troll, Trade, Intentional trigger only
    • Status: Unpatched
  • Button Lock glitch
    • What the bug is: Sometimes, buttons like the Encounter or Collect buttons stop working.
    • How to fix: Close and Restart the app.
    • Category: Softlock
    • Status: Unknown
  • Plushsuit bug
    • What the bug is: On certain animatronics/skins, Droprates are bugged to where the Suit only drops if it's respective CPU is equipped. Completely disables friend-sent Skins from dropping.
    • Currently impacts: Freddy Fazbear*
      • * Does not drop at all, regardless of CPU. Currently unconfirmed if still present.
    • Previously impacted: All Suits(Pre-Halloween 2020 Event), Arctic Ballora skin, Frostbite BB skin, Frost Plushtrap skin.
    • Category: Trade
    • Status: Patched for certain suits
  • Sticky Haywire
    • What the bug is: When moving too fast, The game's Augmented Reality system often can't keep up, resulting in the animatronic being glued in front of the player.
    • How to fix: Move more slowly.
    • Category: Gameplay
    • Status: Unpatched
  • Plushtrap Battery Bug
    • What the bug is: If any other CPU was encountered prior, the Player will use 10% of their battery to start filling the generators, On top of the intended 1% a second
    • How to fix: Restart the game before encountering Plushtraps
    • Category: Gameplay
    • Status: Unknown
  • Battle Lock
    • What the bug is: After a battle, the game will occasionally lock up, leaving you in camera mode for a while.
    • How to fix: Minimize the app temporarily, for about 5-10 minutes. This will reset the game's camera, allowing it to correctly send you to the prize screen.
    • Category: Gameplay
    • Status: Unknown
  • Shock spam
    • What the bug is: By constantly spamming the Shock button, the cooldown will be ignored, allowing players to have a shock wall. However, the battery cost still applies.
    • Category: Gameplay, Intentional Trigger Only
    • Status: Unknown
  • Unshockable Chocolate
    • What the bug is: When Melted Chocolate Bonnie charges, he permanently remains decloaked. The only indicator to shock is the sound.
    • Category: Gameplay, Troll
    • Status: Patched
  • Chocolate Bonnie Charge Spam
    • What the bug is: When Chocolate Bonnie's encounter starts, it calls Shadow Bonnie's encounter, before triggering Chocolate Bonnie in an indefinite charge loop.
    • Category: Gameplay
    • Status: Patched
  • Unactivated Gameplay
    • What the bug is: In some cases, the May 18th Gameplay Update does not activate.
    • Documented impacts: All lured animatronics, All friend-sent animatronics. Seems to randomly impact regularly spawned animatronics.
    • Category: Gameplay
    • Status: Unpatched
  • Undeactivateable Animatronics
    • What the bug is: Animatronics, regardless of durability, have extreme health levels.
    • How to fix: Achieve a higher level, and it'll fix
    • Category: Gameplay
    • Status: Not a bug
  • Plushtrap CPU limits not working
    • What the bug is: When changing full Plushtrap, the suit can be swapped for anyone, allowing all characters to use his CPU
      • Note: The animatronics function normally, aside from Ballora, who has minireenas on the ceiling.
    • Status: Unpatched
  • Despawning Animatronics
    • Brief description: Randomly, it's possible for animatronics to despawn during the encounter. It's unclear what causes this, however the encounter continues without the animatronic there, leaving camera mode open.
      • This CAN occur with Plushtrap, with buggier results. If this happens, Plushtrap's environment remains loaded on non-Plushtrap encounters, while the animatronic moves normally.
    • How to fix: Unclear
    • Category: Gameplay, Semi-softlock
    • Status: Unpatched

Visual bugs

  • Workshop Lighting glitch
    • What the bug is: In the workshop, Lighting will be heavily enhanced
    • How to fix: Undocumented
    • Category: Fun
    • Status: Unknown
  • Classic Shadow Bonnie
    • What the bug is: In the Workshop, Bonnie's textures will bug out, resulting in his suit turning completely black.
    • How to fix: Undocumented
    • Category: Fun
    • Status: Unknown
  • Toxic Freddytrap
    • What the bug is: In the workshop, Toxic Springtrap uses Freddy's animations.
    • How to fix: None.
    • Category: Fun
    • Status: Patched

Audio bugs

  • Audio Delay
    • What the bug is: When an audio file plays, opening the drop-down menu will pause it, but leave animations going. This can result in audio desync with certain animations.
    • How to fix: Wait for the sound to end, or if in workshop swap slots.
    • Category: Fun, Intentional trigger only
    • Status: Unknown

Golden Freddy Bugs

  • The Golden Softlock
    • What the bug is: If Golden Freddy starts the encounter in Ballora mode, he will not charge at all in phase 2.
    • How to fix: Hope he remains Ballora mode for the remaining two phases. If he doesn't, leave the encounter.
    • Category: Softlock
    • Status: Unpatched
  • Fake Ballora mode
    • What the bug is: In the second or third phase, when Golden Freddy enters Ballora mode, he won't be completely Ballora. He'll still have the ability to charge occasionally, and will Not visibly decloak.
    • How to fix: Move on to the next phase.
    • Category: Troll
    • Status: Unpatched

DLC Content

The Dark Circus: Encore

The Dark Circus: Encore is the first paid DLC for the game, and consists of a mixed reality environment that takes place in, as the name implies, The Dark Circus. It is a one-time purchase, and can be replayed from the start however many times the player chooses.


The Dark Circus: Encore DLC consists of a few puzzles that must be completed. These are split into eight tasks, with these being split between two locations, alongside a ninth task that requires completion of the other eight. These tasks are on a time limit, with the timer going lower as more tasks are completed in that location; Running out of time will result in a jumpscare, with the timer resetting. The player can walk around by either tapping the screen, or walking in real life. Turning the camera functions just like in encounters.

The first task is located near Ringmaster Foxy; Head towards Foxy, and then take a left. The task features four number codes, which spawn randomly around the map; They can spawn on either pieces of paper that can be seen, or cards that only spawn if they're chosen. Each stage has a different amount of digits, each corresponding to which stage you're on.

Completing the first task and walking into Ringmaster Foxy's line of sight will trigger an encounter against Foxy, taking place in a circus-themed Mixed Reality environment. Foxy functions as normal.

The second task is in the hallway, leading towards Ballora. This task is a sequence of colored symbols; These also spawn randomly on various objects, although this time it spawns on bottles and balls. The first code can spawn directly below the task!

As the second task is completed, different lights appear on top, unlike the green lights for the first. Completing the task will trigger an encounter against Ballora upon entering the trigger zone, which features the same mixed reality environment.

Once Ballora is defeated, head to Ringmaster Foxy's stage. The third task, which was present behind him, will open up at this point; This is another symbol task. The code is always shown by the second task's lights.

Upon completing the third task, Golden Freddy's face will appear on the screen, fading in and out. After a few seconds, it will automatically transition to the cutscene of Great Escape, having broken the glass. This then begins the third encounter, against Great Escape Golden Freddy; Golden Freddy still functions as normal.

Defeating Golden Freddy will show a cutscene, and afterwards, the player will receive the Plushsuit and Profile icons for Great Escape Golden Freddy, alongside Golden Freddy's CPU.



  • As the Great Escape Golden Freddy skin is part of this DLC, this makes it the first instance where singleplayer users are incapable of getting the skin without any payments.
    • This is also the first instance where a skin is introduced, but not available in the shop.
    • In addition, since the skin is set to not drop when sent by friends, this means that free-to-play players are not capable of obtaining the skin.
  • In the files, The DLC is show in relation to 'Episode 1'.
    • In addition, the game's shop menu includes it under "Episodic Content", implying more DLCs, or 'Episodes' are coming

Unused/Removed Features

This content is currently hidden. Please be aware that this section contains spoilers for upcoming content.

Unused Skins

  • Easter Chica.
    • Due to how the skins are named, She was likely the original idea for the Easter 2020 event's second skin.
      • If this had occurred, All of the animatronics from the first game would have gotten their first skins in order.

Faz Facts

In earlier versions of the game, Various text files were left over. These include lore reveals, under the name 'Faz-Facts'. They were later verified by Scott Cawthon himself to still be canon, and thus can be used.

The first location of the Freddy's franchise was actually Fredbear's Family Diner.
— Faz-Facts
The famous William Afton is the man responsible for the creation of the animatronics we all know and love.
— Faz-Facts
The original animatronics featured spring lock suits that had to be hand cranked to allow them to be worn safely by employees.
— Faz-Facts
Some of the first animatronics built by William Afton featured claw mechanisms that were able to hide away items inside them.
— Faz-Facts
Fazbear's \\\"Twisted\\\" Pizza Recipe was voted \\\"Most Yummy!\\\" by 6 out of 10 children in every survey from 1988-1993!
— Faz-Facts
Chica's cupcake features a unique set of servos and its own independently suite of software.
— Faz-Facts
Despite the name, hurricanes are actually not the leading cause of death of children in Hurricane, Utah.
— Faz-Facts
In 1993, the most dangerous profession in the United States was actually night security guard.
— Faz-Facts
Rockstar Bonnie was developed from the original Bonnie for use in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria franchise operations.
— Faz-Facts

Event-related Alerts

Although the initial purpose is left unclear, various Alert messages are left over in the files.

Timer Alerts

Within the game, a countdown to Halloween appears. These are programmed to have initially started on October 23rd, 2019. Interestingly, the dates are before the game's initial release, suggesting that an earlier release date was intended. These also have unused sounds programmed to play when they appear.

Eight more days 'till Halloween,

Halloween, Halloween, Eight more days 'til Halloween, Make sure all your friends play, too!

— October 23rd, 2019
Seven more days 'till Halloween!

Make sure all your friends play, too!

— October 24th, 2019
Six more days 'till Halloween,

Don't miss the big reveal!

— October 25th, 2019
Five more days 'till Halloween!

The big revfdssd@#en, \\\"Tick-tock,\\\" said the man in the clock!

— October 26th, 2019
Four more days 'till Halloween!

Get ready for a horrific holiday surprise!

— October 27th, 2019
Three more days 'till Halloween!

Three more days 'till Halloween! Three more days 'till Halloween! Three more dafdersaasdxc^%&..DS

— October 28th, 2019
Two more days 'till Halloween!

Running out of time to make sure all your friends play, too!

— October 29th, 2019
One more day 'till Halloween!

So little time left! Don't miss out!

— October 30th, 2019

Rather than an additional reminder being sent out on Halloween, an email is programmed to be sent instead.

We're coming
— Halloween(Subject Text) October 31st, 2019(Date)

Unused Alerts


Interestingly, These alerts reveal Plushtrap's personality to be more friendly and playful than the other animatronics.

Hi, I want to be your friend!
Can we play a game?
Freddy Faz-bear's is the greatest place on Earth!


This nightmare is just beginning for you.
Welcome to this nightmare that is the rest of your life.
Let us taste death again together and again and again and again and again and again and


Hello new person.
Shame on you!