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Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach is a Five Nights at Freddy's game by Steel Wool and Scott Cawthon, first announced on August 8, 2019. The release date was December 16th, 2021.



Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach is the latest installment of the family-friendly horror games loved by millions of players from all over the globe. Play as Gregory, a young boy trapped overnight in Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex. With the help of Freddy Fazbear himself, Gregory must survive the near-unstoppable hunt of reimagined Five Nights at Freddy’s characters - as well as new, horrific threats.

THE HUNTERS AND THE HUNTED - Once nighttime protocols are initiated, the animatronics at Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex will relentlessly pursue all intruders. Glamrock Chica, Roxanne Wolf, Montgomery Gator, and the Pizzaplex’s security guard, Vanessa, will turn over every Cotton Candy Pizza Stand if they have to - it’s not wise to stay in one place for too long.

ADAPT TO SURVIVE - Access the building’s security cameras to survey the environment and plan your route through danger. Distract enemies by knocking over paint cans and toys - just slip away before enemies are drawn to your location. Hop into hiding spots and allow danger to pass, or try to outrun your pursuers. Play your way, but be prepared to adapt.

EXPLORE AND DISCOVER - Freddy Fazbear’s Mega Pizzaplex offers a variety of attractions for guests to enjoy - Monty Golf, Roxy Raceway, Bonnie Bowl, the sewers, and… Sewers? The Pizzaplex is vast and has no shortage of goodies to discover.

Pre Release

Fury's Rage

Main Article : Security Breach: Fury's Rage


This section will contain story spoilers, and also serve as a guide on how to get through the game.


At some point, Glamrock Bonnie was present in the Pizzaplex, and according to one of the messages, he had a greenroom in Rockstar Row. He's reported as having left his room during the night, and was found in Monty's Gator Golf. Between this and when Gregory gets in, Bonnie was decommissioned, and his stage in Bonnie Bowl was closed.


At the start of the game, Glamrock Freddy malfunctions during the show. During this time, Gregory, running from Vanessa, opens up the stomach hatch and climbs inside. The game then appears with the player controling Freddy, capable of looking around. Freddy talks to himself, and then Gregory makes his presence known.

The two talk for a moment, and Gregory comes out. Freddy quickly scans him, before realizing that Gregory's guest profile isn't known to him. He attempts to notify the main office, but is unable to connect, with Gregory saying it was her doing.

After footsteps are heard, head up to the glass, and Vanessa will walk by searching. Freddy suggests that she can help, but Gregory declines, stating that he doesn't trust her. Gregory complains about how loud Freddy is talking, and he responds by giving Gregory a Freddy Fazwatch stored in his stomach hatch.

Freddy sends a message, acting as a tutorial to use it. Opening the Fazwatch, Freddy says that he'll escort Gregory to the entrance, but states that he's unable to leave his room. He tells Gregory to press the button on the wall, next to his arcade machine, to access the back room.

Head into the back, and jump up the boxes to enter the vent. This vent connects all of the greenrooms, and while approaching her room, Roxanne will start speaking to herself, alternating between two voices. Go all the way through, passing through each room; Walking up to the vent openings will show Chica playing her guitar, Monty seeming to destroy something, and Roxy in front of the mirror. At the end is a vent out into Rockstar Row

Upon exiting the vent, Dread Unit will speak over the intercom. The player is required to walk up to the door on the side of Freddy's room, back on the other side. Upon doing so, Freddy will send them to find a Photo Pass at the nearby convenience counter. The convenience counter can be located behind a large door not far from the greenroom, which must be crouched under.

Head up to the cutout of Freddy wearing a space helmet, which will be accompanied by a speech bubble. Open the box in front of it, and then head back to release Freddy from his greenroom. Climb inside of him, and then head through the utility tunnels, which can be found straight across from Freddy's room.

Go down the stairs. On the way down, an endoskeleton can be seen climbing down the wall, and then further down Vanessa can be heard calling for Gregory. Gregory tells Freddy they need to go back, but he tells him not to fear, since she wouldn't suspect them being together. He then makes a point to avoid her anyways, since he'd be sent back to Rockstar Row.

At the bottom of the stairs, continue forwards. Freddy will stop, saying that he feels Gregory is broken, and takes Gregory to the first aid station, taking control. Hide behind the first aid curtain, and Vanessa will come in from the side, talking to Freddy. She complains about both his malfunction and how Gregory's running around backstage, meanwhile Freddy pretends not to know anything.

After telling Freddy to go back to his room, she walks back off screen. It should be noted that the area she comes from is not only accessible only through Monty's claws, but also leads to a dead end, so how she got there is unknown.

Exit the hiding spot, and then hop back into Freddy. Leave the first aid station, and continue to your right, down the hallway. On the way down, the two will talk to eachother. The end of the hallway is gated off, with four functional S.T.A.F.F. bots standing around one that's in pieces on the floor. Continue to the right from this area.

Head up the stairs. By this point Freddy's battery will have dropped to one bar. At the top of the stairs, head to the right; Gregory will be forced out of Freddy as he dies, and he runs into the recharge station, leaving Gregory alone. It's recommended to save at this point.

Head through the large red doors, down the hallway. A table with a bunch of cans on top will block progressing through there. Peek into the door to the right, but only far enough to trigger the dialogue about Chica, who is eating from garbage.

Head back out, and press E on the cans. Chica will go over to them to check; Wait for the opposite door to open, and then sneak through. Go through the bathroom, and once at the other door, crouch to make sure Chica doesn't hear you. Crouch down the hallway she was guarding, and it's recommended to stay this way until reaching the storage room.

Continue forward through the storage room. A door on the other side of a shelf leads to another split hallway, in which the player can either go forwards, through another storage room, or left, through the hallway. These both lead to the same place, and the second storage room is the faster route.

It's recommended to save once again before continuing. The player will enter another hallway with red lights, metal floor, and a Monty gate to the left. Progress to the right, and a cutscene will play with Monty bashing through the gate, and the player then has to run away.

At the end of the red lit hallway, Roxy will speak. Run to the right, and run quickly, taking the left path through the next room. A cutscene will play with Chica knocking over a bunch of boxes. Just continue running, and head up the stairs. Monty and Chica will follow the player up.

At the top of the stairs, run to the right, and head into the security office. The door will close behind you. Freddy will speak, saying Gregory's safe as long as there's power, to which he responds that it's at 15%. Wait for the dialogue to finish, and then press the button in front of the monitor to gain access to the cameras.

Check through the cameras, and find a safe way to go out of the other door. Chica is patrolling, so watch for her location. If you're seen, run back to the hiding spot. Sneak around Chica and get to the red doors on the other side, which leads out into the lobby. Upon entering the lobby, Dread unit will speak over the intercom, and the front doors start to close as 12AM hits.


As Gregory watches the front doors close, Freddy informes him, that he can wait for the security doors to reopen at 6AM, and if there is another way out, Freddy will help Gregory find it.

You are now located in the Main Entrance area. If you go in straight line after coming from the doors after escaping Chica, there is a box with an Complimentary Entry Pass. Be careful because theres also a Cleaner S.T.A.F.F. Bot. If you go near him, he will alert Chica that will start to hunt you. Next to the box is also a Save Station, you should save your game here.

Go to the gates and use you Complimentary Entry Pass. You are now at the lobby, in front of Glamrock Freddy's statue. Your task is to upgrade your ticket at an upgrade machine. A S.T.A.F.F. Bot is roaming around the front of the statue, so be careful not to alert him. I should also mention that Glamrock Chica is there. If you go up the stairs, go to your left side to Faz-pad. There is another S.T.A.F.F. Bot there. If you go past him through the metal door, you end up in some sort of kitchen of the shop. Go through another door and you will end up in front of Lost and Found. If you go through the door on your left side, you will end up in the room with an upgrade machine. Get the ticket inside the machine, and it will eat your ticket.

After the machine eating your ticket, go back up the stairs to the elevators, but go to the other side to the 2nd floor of Glamrock Gifts shop. There's another S.T.A.F.F. Bot. Go past him, down the stairs, to 1st floor of Glamrock Gifts shop. You will see a big sign saying "Free mystery prize" with a gift under it. Open it and you will get, as Gregory says "Crappy" Mr. Hippo Magnet. Go back to the upgrade machine and use the magnet on it. You will get Daycare Pass. Freddy says that he will meet Gregory at the Daycare.

Go back up the stairs to your right side to the "Superstar Daycare Pick-up" door. When you enter this door, you'll see the same text with an arrow leading to the big door with a Sun and Moon drawing at the end of the hallway. There is an Save Station next to the door. When you go through the door, you are now located in the Superstar Daycare. Freddy says to Gregory, that he is unable to reach him. He also says that he shall look for a security desk with a security badge, and let him in.

When you are in the Daycare "lobby", you can see some tables, a gate and a slide with "Slide into fun!" text above it. Press E to slide down the slide and you'll see Sun, also referred as Sunrise, Sundrop, or, the Daycare Attendant, for your first time jumping down from the balcony that leads into his room. Walk in the balloon pit, and Sun will "Jumpscare" you with his "Helloooo! New friend! You're sure up late! Are we having a slumber party? Where are all of your friends?" line. He then also says, that you have to keep the lights ON. You will end up with him not letting you walk away from him and he always turns to you right away. What you need to do now, is make distraction. That will make him busy cleaning the mess up as you go to the security desk. This security desk is the first place you ever get flashlight in the game.

Interact with the Freddy head on the desk. The nose will go down, and the head will open up, granting the first security pass. At this time, the light will go out, and a cutscene will play with Sun transforming into Moon. Sun falls off the desk, with Moon creeping up. The player regains control, and at this point, if the flashlight hasn't been collected, it must be collected now; Attempting to come out from the desk will trigger a unique line from Gregory, with an invisible wall blocking progression.

Freddy will mention having to turn on all five generators in the play structures to bring the lights back on in the daycare, and this transitions into Moon's boss battle. Moon will fly around and chase the player, but prioritizes fixing knocked over towers above chasing Gregory. Turn on the five generators, with each one causing Moon to get stronger, being able to go inside the play structures themselves at a certain point.

With all five generators online, the lights will turn on. After ensuring there was nothing missed, (A flashlight battery upgrade is hidden in the daycare!) head back to the door of the daycare, and press the green button. A cutscene will play with Sun picking Gregory up, and banning him from the daycare, Permanently leaving the area inaccessible. The camera will then pan over to show Chica noticing Gregory, with the player gaining control as Freddy says to climb inside of him.

Head up the stairs on the way to the lobby. The lights will go out once more, as the time cycles on, entering the hourly Moon phase. Moon will begin hunting the player once again at this point, and the player must go back through the lobby, opening the gate that previously blocked the way, and reach the recharge station. Enter the recharge station, and Vanny will walk by. Gregory will ask what that was, with Freddy saying it's a fountain, as the time transitions to 1AM.


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By selecting the "Stay" option, the player can continue to search for collectibles, upgrade Freddy, and unlock the true canon ending.


This content contains SPOILERS. Please choose a given section for information, but please be aware that this will show how to obtain it, alongside the story it provides.

The easiest of the endings, the Bad ending can be achieved simply by surviving until 6AM, and then leaving through the front door.

After leaving, the ending shows an animated comic of Gregory running out to the side of the Pizzaplex. It quickly skips time to a shot of an alleyway, with Gregory sleeping in a box, using a newspaper as a blanket. It zooms into the newspaper, showing that it's about recent disappearances, more than likely from the Pizzaplex. Nine children are listed on the paper, one of which being Gregory.

The comic returns to the external shot of the alleyway, with a red light filling the front. Vanny's shadow appears in from the bottom, and it cuts to the credits, leaving the implication of Vanny killing him.

This ending is also relatively simple to achieve, requiring completion of the Fazer Blast minigame. Once the Fazerblaster is obtained, head into a vent to the left of the table, and follow it up. It's required to follow this all the way until a room with a window appears to the side, at this point Gregory will talk about Vanny, indicating that it's completed.

After this point, simply reaching the doors at 6AM adds an additional option to the exit text. Selecting Vanny will play a cutscene of Freddy preparing to fight two S.T.A.F.F. bots in Fazer Blast, with Gregory hiding behind him. He'll get distracted as Vanny appears above, telling them to "Disassemble Freddy." and then pressing a button.

Freddy focuses again, but two more S.T.A.F.F. bots come up from behind and push him off the side. Freddy's on the ground below, and attempts to back up as S.T.A.F.F. bots come around him. They're then shown to tear Freddy apart, with parts flying away.

It should be noted that regardless of whether the player has defeated Montgomery Gator or not, Freddy will have Monty's claws equipped within the cutscene. If the player chose Monty's Golf earlier on, use the second party pass given by Freddy to get in.

From this point, the player is in Fazer Blast, standing next to a previously locked door. Run through this section, and make sure to be careful; Roxanne can often attack in surprise upon entering the room she's in, as she can leap as soon as the door opens.

If Monty has not been defeated, he'll be the third threat at the end. However, if he has, he'll simply be on the floor active, and it's possible to run by. It's recommended to stun him just in case, however.

At the end, the player can climb up a staircase in a part of Fazer Blast that couldn't be accessed before. Heading up to the top and following the path will lead to the same locked door that unlocked the section, but it'll be open. Walk inside, and press the green button.

Upon pressing the button, an animated comic will appear. Vanny will come into the room, and reach towards Gregory, with 'Hee' in red text coming up from behind her. With tears in his eyes, he looks towards the button, and then back at Vanny. Picking up the button, he orders the S.T.A.F.F. bots to "Disassemble Vanny.", before pressing it.

Red text will appear again as it shows Vanny, this time saying 'No' repeatedly, as two S.T.A.F.F. bots face towards her with red eyes. The comic ends with the bots tearing Vanny apart, with this only being seen through a shadow on the wall as Gregory watches on in fear. Vanny screams in pain during this time.

Gregory runs off and finds Freddy, who is in a shattered state, showing his endoskeleton. He'll say "Gregory... You are... my superstar.", reaching his exposed hand onto Gregory's head. He'll then deactivate, and the credits roll.

After the credits, a newspaper article will appear, stating that Fazbear Entertainment is closing due to health concerns, and that they have plans to open next season, featuring a picture of the doors blocked off with police tape. The rest of the article is filled with random text that isn't relevant.

To unlock this ending, you must play all three Princess Quest arcade machines around the map. The first of these is near Roxy Raceway, in the Glamrock Beauty Salon. The second can be found in DJ Music Man's arcade. The third is at the end of the Disassembled ending, in the room with the button. All three must be played in order.

Upon completion of the third Princess Quest arcade, it'll show an animated comic. It'll start off with a black screen, with "ERROR" flashing in red text. Gregory looks away from the arcade, and heads out, looking down upon the Fazer Blast. It shows four S.T.A.F.F. bots as they deactivate, their red eyes turning black.

The next scene takes place near the Rocket exit, showing Vanny's mask and bowtie on the floor, with the exit open. It shifts to Gregory, holding a green bag with a yellow lightning bolt on the side. Inside the bag is then revealed to be Freddy's head, fully repaired, with him saying "Go on, superstar!"

The next scene is at the exit of the pizzaplex, with Gregory's legs visible on the left, staring towards the door. The door is being held open by a blond woman, wearing a purple jacket and black pants, implied to be Vanny. It'll scroll off the comic showing three stars, before the credits roll.

After the credits, it'll cut to artwork of Gregory, Glamrock Freddy, and Vanny sitting on a hill staring off at the sun, with Gregory eating a Frozen Freddy Treat while Vanny has a mint icecream cone.

After reaching 6AM, Choose to stay, and then head down to the basement where Chica's boss battle took place. Head into the loading docks, and there should be a table, with a button on one side and a door on the other. Head up to the door, and leave through there.

Like the others, an animated comic appears during this ending. It starts off with a closeup of a car's license plate labeled with "FZBR". It'll then show inside, focused on the key, which has a Glamrock Freddy keychain on it.

A first person scene inside the car appears, driving down the road. A Roxanne bobblehead is also visible in this scene. The car hits a S.T.A.F.F. bot, which is then revealed to specifically be Map Bot, who offers the player a map again before being wiped off.

The next scene shows Freddy in the passenger seat, holding on tight. It pans over to Gregory, who is seen driving with a wide smile. The next scene shows a Pizzaplex sign, saying "Come back real soon!", before Gregory slams through it and destroys it in the process.

The car is shown driving away, before Gregory looks towards Freddy, who has dialogue here. "Gregory... my battery..." Freddy then deactivates in the car, with Gregory calling his name. The car stops on the middle of the road, and it flips to the next page, showing the car's battery. Gregory uses it to recharge Freddy, once he reactivates, Gregory hugs him briefly. The two then hop back in the car and drive off. At this point, it skips to the credits...

After the credits, though, it'll pan down to a newspaper labeled as "The new face of Fazbear Entertainment". The image directly under it shows Glamrock Chica playing the guitar, Roxanne looking happily at the camera, and Montgomery Gator singing with Freddy's microphone, with Glamrock Mr. Hippo now added and playing the triangle as Freddy's replacement.

After reaching 6AM, choose to stay, and then return to the prize counter. Go to the back, and walk up to the fire escape doors which were previously locked. If the player has collected enough toys scattered through the Pizzaplex, Another 'Stay'/'Leave'/'Vanny' choice will appear. Leave from this exit to get this ending.

An animated comic shows up, starting with the emergency exit. Gregory is looking at the doors, while Freddy is holding a plush of himself. He squeezes the plush, with a squeak, and then looks to his left. The comic then pans over to a view of him in the hallway, with him looking to his right, with a pile of large Glamrock Freddy plushies. The next scene is a close-up of him, saying "It is time to end this." and raising his left hand, pointing at the ceiling.

The last joint of his index finger pops off, revealing a lighter held inside, which then ignites. Freddy holds his finger near a pile of Roxanne plushies, setting them on fire. The comic pans over the various plushies as the fire spreads through them, with a small group of Freddys at the very end.

Gregory, holding the fire escape doors open, gets Freddy to follow him out, and he runs up the stairs to the roof. Heading out the door, he looks out happily, before seeing Vanny up there waiting. Vanny grabs Gregory, and then they both look towards the doors, with Freddy coming out, a speech bubble saying "VANNY! I can see you now. I have NEW EYES!"

Freddy runs forwards, straight at Vanny, who lets go of Gregory and puts her hands up. Gregory calls his name, and Freddy pushes himself and Vanny off the roof, saying "Goodbye, Gregory..." on the fall. He closes his eyes as he's falling, and the next scene shows Gregory running down after them.

The comic shows Freddy and Vanny laying on the ground, motionless. Gregory goes up, and pulls Vanny's mask off, showing Vanessa's face underneath. Gregory stares in shock, and it goes on to the credits.

After the credits roll, it'll pan down to show Vanessa on the roof in her security uniform looking down, presumably looking at Freddy and Vanny, with a sea of flames behind her. It pans down a bit further, showing a closer view of Vanessa, before heading on to a newspaper article labeled as "Mega Pizza Plex burns to the ground", with a picture of the burned ruins and then another section talking about a recall on flammable toys.

In order to access this ending, it is required to obtain all three of the upgrades. The player must head to Roxy Raceway, and go down the tunnel to the left of the broken Driver Assist Bot. The first gate requires Monty's claws to get through, and after breaking it down, look for the Chica gate near an old elevator. Open the gate, and head inside

Section to be added.

After refusing to let Afton take control of Glamrock Freddy by burning down the establishment, Molten Freddy takes Afton, and it cuts to Glamrock Freddy and Gregory escaping while everything is falling to pieces. The credits roll soon after, and at the end, a scene in which Gregory and Glamrock Freddy are sitting on a hill plays, which looks oddly like the hill Charlie's grave is on in the Lorekeeper ending

After Gameplay

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Security Breach: Ruin

Security Breach: Ruin is a free DLC, set to release sometime in 2023. No current information is known, beyond being set after the base game in a ruined Pizzaplex.


To be released

Gameplay Mechanics

Note: Has only been updated twice post-launch

Gregory is equipped with a Freddy Fazbear themed watch, named the Fazwatch. This watch is connected to the camera system, complete with the ability to zoom in or move the camera, alongside a layout of the building. Within this same Watch interface, it is possible to view a full map of the location, alongside check messages and various missions around the place.

Gregory also has a battery-limited flashlight on him, the battery of which can be recharged at various recharge stations. Gregory can also obtain the Faz Cam, reminiscent of the Flash Beacon from Sister Location, which can be used to stun all nearby animatronics temporarily, but requires recharging. The Fazblaster is another item obtainable which is similar to the Faz-cam, but requires aiming to stun, and has six charges

A few doors are blocked by various tiers of Party Passes and Security Passes, the latter being collected from Security Offices.

Unlike in the other games, the animatronics can physically interact with their environment, with the ability to knock over crates and open doors. They can also physically chase the player, featuring proper animations for doing so, which the previous games had lacked.

The player can climb inside and take control of Glamrock Freddy similar to Titanfall. Freddy has a limited amount of power, and will need to visit recharge stations periodically through the night. While inside of Freddy, most of the animatronics become passive; Moon and Vanny are still capable of attacking, however. When the player isn't inside Freddy, he can be summoned to the player's location and stands with his chest open.

The animatronics can be drawn by sounds; A variety of objects can be interacted with to create a distraction, which will draw the animatronics to them. In addition to this, making too much noise can result in the animatronics instead being drawn to Gregory, featured primarily through Shattered Roxanne Wolf

The player can run, but doing so uses stamina. Stamina depletes and recharges at the same rate. Obtaining the Shoes item will increase running speed, while obtaining the various Fizzy Faz drinks will decrease stamina drain.


Base game



Only found in endings

Other Characters

Security Breach: Ruin


  • Gregory (Seen on monitors)
  • Unnamed girl



To be added


  • Ironically, this game has had the most leaks of any game, with the names of the main four, designs, name of the game, and even the building's name being leaked.
  • This is the first game to completely lack any direct Bonnie.
    • There is a Glamrock Bonnie said to exist, however he was decommissioned prior to gameplay.
    • It also happens to lack any direct Foxy variant in the game.
      • Unlike with Bonnie, Foxy doesn't have any new unseen variant. The closest references are repurposed cutouts from Help Wanted.
  • While the initial trailer for the game implied that all of the Glamrocks were helping Gregory, The final game only has Freddy as an ally.
  • While the game is coming to Xbox platforms, it's stated to be released a few months after the initial PS5 or PC versions.
  • This is the first game where the Animatronics are able to open doors.
  • This game marks the first time where exclusive teasers are sent to a Youtuber for a live stream.
    • Nineteen teasers were sent to Dawko for his charity stream on March 13th, 2021.
  • This is the highest rated FNAF game so far.
  • Security Breach is the first game with full statues for merch.
    • It also marks the first time any human character is seen outside of minigame sprites, with Gregory and Vanessa having 3D Models.
  • Security Breach is officially the second game to have an exclusive site; On September 1st, 2021, a new site was added to Steel Wool's site.
    • This site is accessible by clicking on Security Breach in Steel Wool's Games section.
  • On some of the arcade machines, various characters can be seen. Of these, some originate outside of official FNAF media
    • Ignited Bonnie, originating from the fangame The Joy of Creation, is one of these instances, appearing on "House of the Bear".
  • The game takes second place for the largest amount of endings out of any game, with six.
  • Out of all of the games, this is the only one in which it is possible to play either prior to 12AM, or after it hits 6AM.
  • When the game released, a massive chunk of the game's content was left unused, including an entire second mode. However, in post-launch updates, some of this content has begun being added back into the game.


ScottGames Teasers

Security Breach TV Teasers

Dawko teasers

Set #1

Set #2


Security Breach's first trailer Security Breach's second trailer Trailer #3

Known glitches

Note: Not all bugs may be listed here, be it due to a lack of documentation, or other reasons.

AI-related bugs

  • Shattered Monty missing AI
    • Brief description: After being defeated in his boss battle, Montgomery Gator will no longer have any sort of AI, and never move. Note that he can still attack if stepped on.
      • This does not apply in the basement security office, found near the Chica boss battle, or the Burntrap ending, as the animatronics have different movement AI during those segments.
    • Current status: Unpatched.
    • Category: Gameplay
    • Affected platforms: All
  • Animatronic Duplication
    • Brief description: It's possible for clones of various animatronics, or even Vanessa, to accidentally be spawned into the game and be viewable at the same time.
      • Known instances:
        • Fazer Blast lobby. Get spotted by a S.T.A.F.F. bot and summon Chica, and then head into the Fazer Blast minigame. Once inside the arena, check the cameras. Chica will still be visible in the lobby, despite being in Fazer Blast with the player. Method currently validated on PC
    • Current status: Unpatched.
    • Category: Gameplay, Duplication
    • Affected platforms: All
  • Monty stun
    • Brief description: If timed right, it's possible to stun Montgomery Gator through his glasses.
      • Additional effects: Monty's running animation breaks, resulting in him T-posing around. It also causes his footsteps not to play.
    • Current status: Unpatched
    • Category: Gameplay
    • Affected platforms: All
  • "Hey! Little guy!"
    • Brief description: During Montgomery's boss battle, Monty will only ever play a single voice line, being the "Hey, Little guy!" line
    • Current status: Unpatched
    • Category: Audio
    • Affected platforms: PC (Unconfirmed on Playstation)
  • Giga Monty
    • Brief description: By unloading and reloading the Atrium during the showtime disc sequence, Monty will fall out of his usual spot. It will then check if there's a Spotlight Monty in his usual spot, and upon not seeing one, will spawn another. This can be repeated infinitely.
      • These Monty do not despawn normally, don't move on their own, and will permanently lock on the player if a staff bot is triggered. As this Monty is not meant to chase the player, it lacks some of the vital features they normally are supposed to have. They can only be despawned by putting in the showtime disc.
    • Current status: Unpatched
    • Category: Gameplay, Duplication
    • Affected platforms: PC (Unconfirmed on Playstation)

Internal bugs


  • Arcade machine softlock
    • Brief description: Arcade machines don't have any controls mapped, so once one is entered, it's impossible to leave or play.
    • Current status: Unpatched.
    • Category: Gameplay, Controls
    • Affected platforms: Playstation 4, Playstation 5
  • Freddy trap
    • Brief description: After performing certain actions, the player can get locked out of the ability to use Glamrock Freddy.
      • This in itself prevents certain areas from being accessed, but using recharge stations can have the exact opposite effect, preventing the player from Leaving Freddy and eventually getting jumpscared.
      • The game does this by disabling the keybinds for Glamrock Freddy, preventing him from being used in any way.
    • Current status: Unpatched.
    • Category: Gameplay

Other glitches

  • Infinite security passes
    • Brief description: Through abusing certain triggers, it is possible to retrigger certain scenes and gain security passes an infinite number of times.
      • Using this glitch also triggers the Freddy trap bug, which is required for certain areas of the game. Use this glitch with caution.
    • Current status: Unpatched
    • Category: Intentional trigger; Softlock
    • Affected platforms: Playstation*
      • Reported fixed on PC
  • Freddy Deload
    • Brief description: While entering Freddy, spamming the jump button will cause the game to unload the maps, and disabling wall collision.
      • The game will catch up after a short time, and reload everything, which can cause the player to get stuck in a wall if they're not careful.
      • This can be used to majorly sequence break the game, and enter places like Fazer Blast prior to even the utility tunnels.
    • Current status: Patched
    • Category: Gameplay; Loading/Collision
    • Affected platforms: All

Formerly-unused content

This section is for content that was found in the files when the game released, but was left unused at the time, and was later added back in an update. At this time, only the playstation versions of the game have received the update for any cut content being added back in.


Faz-facts, similar to their Special Delivery counterpart, were a cut feature left in Security Breach. However, Unlike with Special Delivery, these ones were re-added to the game a couple months after release, along with other cut content. Faz-facts may occasionally play during elevator rides.

Did you know that everyone loves pizza? Yes, it's true! Based on a double-blind study from a leading Fazbear publication and scientist, 100% of those questioned would choose Pizza over any other food group. Even people with wheat and dairy allergies. This has been another fun Faz-fact
Did you know that bears like pizza sauce more than honey? It's true! Before their extinction, Bears were known to attack pizza delivery trucks more than any other food service vehicles. This has been another fun faz-fact!
Did you know that birthday wishes only come true at Freddy Fazbear's? It's true! Kids who have home birthdays have fewer friends, and parents who don't love them. This has been another fun faz-fact!

Unused/Scrapped content

This content is currently hidden. Please be aware that showing this content may reveal spoilers, and have potential to be readded to the game.

The following has currently been confirmed as unused or scrapped content, either by dataminers or the developers.

Extras Menu

Found in the game is an extras menu, similar to those in the past. There are a variety of sections present, including one for DLC.

While the Gallery is featured here, several other unused and unique sections are also present, including:

Survival mode

An unused Survival Mode made it into the extras. Currently, no information has been documented, outside of the presence of the Vanny Meter.

Vanny meter

This feature was originally intended to be used in spawning Vanny if the player stuck around one area for too long. As revealed by Ray McCaffrey, this feature was intended to be a part of something larger, however it ended up being cut at some point.

How it currently works, as discovered by users on reddit, is that - Upon filling up completely - Any loaded instances of Vanessa will be replaced with Vanny


The Gallery, functioning similar to it's counterpart in Help Wanted, is also mostly functional at the time of release. Several characters have unique poses, and the controls for changing and rotating the characters and arcades are pretty well functional.

Unused minigames

Various minigames can be found in the files or the Extras menu, but cannot be accessed in normal gameplay. The Extras Menu includes a more up-to-date version of Monty Golf, featuring better lighting and more courses, as well as direct warps to the entirely unused Bonnie Bowl, Roxy Raceway, and Chica Feeding Frenzy games. It also features a third variant of Monty Golf, and a direct warp to the Vanny and Burntrap battles

Office Games

This section serves as warps back to various office segments in the game. This features warps to all eight security pass segments, labeled as "Lobby", "Daycare", "Kitchen", "Prize Counter", "Backstage", "Monty Golf", "DJ/West Arcade", and "Endogeddon", with Endogeddon presumably being the Parts and Service one.

In addition to the eight used, there are two additional warps to unused "Roxy Racers" and "Pizza Sim" segments. It's possible Pizza Sim was going to give the tenth level, and was required to access Burntrap before it's removal

Security Pass levels 10 and 12

Throughout the game, various doors exist with security levels beyond those that are legitimately accessible. Some of these function as shortcuts between various areas, such as between backstage and Rockstar Row, while others lead out of bounds with the player falling through the map if they're not careful. These are likely there for animatronics to use, serving as explanations to how they get to various areas before the player, as Glamrock Freddy appears to be the only one incapable of opening quite a lot of doors on his own.

It should be noted that these Can be entered if glitches are utilized. However, the known glitch locations put the game in a state where Freddy cannot be used, so these should not be used unless the player is alright with locking themselves out of progression.