Five Nights At Freddy's Wiki

Edit May 09 2020

No more warnings. If you break a rule in a way that deserves any type of punishment beyond just the deletion of an image or article, you will be blocked for first 1 month, then 1 year, then permanently. In some cases, such as multiple counts of spam(image or article), the 1 month/year aspect will be disregarded and you will be permanently banned.


  1. Don't advertise on this wiki. Wikia advertisements are enough now.
  2. Don't spam! You will get a ban!
  3. Make sure to categorize!
    • Do not create categories that are only going to contain one or two articles. The minimum is three.
  4. Not following the rules of Wikia could mean a ban too.
  5. Userpages are not mainspace articles. No user other than the user the userpage belongs to or admins are allowed to edit the page. Admins are only permitted to edit the page IF there is unacceptable content on there - grammatical errors, missing hyperlinks, etc. are NOT reasons to edit userpages, as these are faults on behalf of the user themselves.
    • Note: Admins are allowed to edit another user's userpage, but only if it is to do something that goes against the rules of the wiki (e.g. removing content that is NSFW, etc.)
  6. If the article you create is not related to Five Nights at Freddy's, then the article will be deleted and you will be warned.
    • In addition, if it is related to Five Nights at Freddy's but is not official, confirmed, or very reasonably observed, it will be deleted and you will be warned. This includes theories, fan images, and fan videos. This does not include basic observations about details of characters, locations, etc.
      • If you must create something like this, create it as a blog post or a thread in the forums.
      • Note, As it has popped up more frequently lately: The renders made for the Triple A Fazbear wiki are fan images. They may use the official models, but these are fan renders, and will be deleted if discovered.
  7. If you create an article whose information has blatantly been copied from another wiki, the article will be removed and you will be warned.
    • The punishment for the rule above also applies to the act of creating an article that is any of the following:
      • 1) has little to no information in it.
      • 2) has a very messy layout and does not follow even the simplest rules of English.
      • 3) is in a language that is not English (Although creating an international wiki is not out of the question).
        • Guideline: This wiki uses American English (e.g. colour -> color). You will not get in trouble if you use British English, but do keep this in mind.
  8. No abusive behavior! This includes racism, name calling, harassment, and anything else that can seriously offend a reasonable person.
    • The first occurrence will result in a warning. Repeated offenses will result in a ban.
    • Swearing is allowed but should be kept at a minimum.
  9. Don't make notes on pages other than your userpage or talk page, or your note will get removed.
  10. It is perfectly acceptable for a user to remove content from his/her talk page unless the deleted content is an administrative message, such as a warning or a ban notification.
    • Exception: the greeting message may be removed.


  1. Do not abuse.
  2. All rules above apply to admins as well.
  3. Any bans length should be of reasonable amount.
    • Conversely, harsher bans should only be used in serious cases. (e.g. 1 year+ ban for mass-deletions)
      • Guideline: Always assume that the contributor is editing in good faith and that mistakes are not intentional before taking authoritative action. Discussing their edits with them is also recommended.
  4. If spam is seen; delete it.
    • Should it be one user, they will be banned for either 1 month, 1 year, or permanently.
    • Should it be a coordinated group, they will all be banned permanently.

Ban Lengths

Only to be used when bannable offenses are committed. Do not ban someone just because they did something stupid such as putting a theory into a page, making a theory page, or something of the sort. Only ban if it is consistent after warning or a higher offense is committed such as mass spam/trolling or another offense of the same level.

1st offense: 1 month

2nd offense: 1 year

3rd offense (or mass spam, harassment, mass deletion, things of this nature): permanently