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Dee Dee is a character in FNaF World and an antagonist for the Ultimate Custom Night.


She appears at random and can add a new animatronic to your game. The animatronic added will not be announced, so you will have to quickly look at your cameras and other systems to find out who it was! Dee Dee also has the potential to add one of two characters not listed on the character select screen.
— Her character description.

The characters she will spawn in 50/20 mode include Shadow Bonnie, Plushtrap, Nightmare Chica, Bonnet, Minireenas, and Lolbit.

Voice Lines

Uh-Oh! How unfortunate! Uh-Oh! How unfortunate! I know how much you like to fight, so I'll add a new problem to your night!

Uh-Oh! How unfortunate! Uh-Oh! How unfortunate! I'm gonna do a sneaky thing, and throw a new contender in the ring!

FNaF World

Dee Dee first appeared in the kid friendly spin off FNaF World as a NPC. She was the owner of the minigame DeeDee's Fishing Hole, in Fazbear Hills.

Shadow Dee Dee is an antagonist in Ultimate Custom Night, she is a (corrupted?) form of Dee Dee that appears in 50/20 mode however she can also appear in a normal gameplay although rarely, she is immune to the Dee Dee repel.

Role in UCN

Shadow Dee Dee will replace Dee Dee in 50/20 mode, if she appears she will either:

  • Increase the difficulty of an animatronic (even if that animatronic is on 20)

She also can’t be stopped by Dee Dee repel making you forced to to have the risks of another animatronic active or the animatronics being even harder than 20, Shadow Dee Dee when she appears has a low garbling sound that sounds similar to singing, she also shakes back and fourth uncontrollably giving players a hard time to see her animation.

It should be noted that, while guaranteed to appear in 50/20, she is also able to appear regardless of AI levels. She is also extremely annoying at some times.

Shadow Dee Dee's "voice".