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The Daycare Attendant is a sun/moon-headed animatronic, consisting of two personalities that share the same vessel, debuting in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach. They later reappear in Security Breach's Ruin DLC, gaining a third personality, who is referred to as Eclipse.

The character acts as a mascot for two candy brands, that go by the names "Sunnydrop Energizing Candy", and "Moondrop Sleepy-Time Candy". The animatronics reside in the Superstar Daycare of Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizza Plex. Moon appears when the light level drops. It is unknown if Moon is activated when the lights go out in the daycare, or if he activates when the area around him is dark.


The Daycare Attendant appears to be a jester-themed animatronic, and has two forms. He wears a grey top with buttons and has puffy blue pants dotted with stars. He has blue and yellow/gold frills on its neck and waist, orange shoes with small moon symbols on them, and what appears to be bells around its wrists. Sun, in absence of a cap like Moon's, sports yellow retractable triangular frills that surround its head, giving him the appearance of the sun.


When in sun form the grey coloration of its top becomes a flushed yellow, its blue pants become yellow and orange striped, its eyes go from a violent red to a soft silver, and its overall indigo complexion transforms into yellow and orange. As "Sun", its faceplate is adorned with a stylized sun-shaped head.


As "Moon", its faceplate is adorned with a crescent moon, with the "eclipsed" side of the face being painted over with black. However, the detailing of its teeth and eye are still visible. The moon form is seen wearing a star decorated night-cap with a small white knob on the top.


An Eclipse form of the character exists as well, originally seen as a head in the Balloon World minigame. In this minigame, Moon's face pattern is active, but darker than before. Its eyes are bright yellow, with black pupils in the center. Its teeth are pitch black, but an orange glow comes out from behind them. Sun's rays turn a more reddish orange color. The rest of the design is unclear.

Eclipse becomes a full character in the RUIN DLC, appearing as a combination of the Sun and Moon forms, albeit in a heavily damaged state. Eclipse's endoskeleton is visible, showing how the Daycare Attendant works, his endoskeleton glowing either yellow or blue to appear as either form. He has damaged frills from Sun, alongside the blue nightcap from Moon.


In Sun form, The Daycare Attendant follows Gregory around unless he's behind the security desk. If it reaches Gregory, it'll pick him up and carry him to a location near the large ball pit next to a segmented tower. If this tower, or any other towers, are knocked over, Sun will prioritize fixing them over Gregory.

In Moon form, The Daycare Attendant stalks Gregory. During the Daycare segment, it does this by moving quickly towards the player, crawling like a spider, and 'swimming' through the air through a bungee cord system attached to the ceiling. Moon will prioritize distractions over Gregory, and after the player activates a few generators, it begins traveling inside of some of the corridors of the play structures.

During recharge cycle segments, if the time ticks over to the next hour naturally, Moon will instantly jumpscare the player. Staring at Moon for too long causes it to rush toward the player. In both of these cases, Moon completely ignores whether Gregory is inside of Glamrock Freddy or not. Moon will also teleport around the map, and occasionally interact with the environment; Running into Moon as Gregory will cause a jumpscare.

Additionally, at certain points in the game, 'moon barriers' are placed around the map. Attempting to cross these barriers without completing certain objectives causes Moon to instantly jumpscare the player.


When the animatronic was first created, The Daycare Attendant acted as a stage performer. Its main gimmick was that it turned evil when the lights were turned off. When it was repurposed for the daycare, Fazbear Entertainment couldn't remove the Moon programming from it, and decided to just leave the lights on instead of fixing it.

While the lights are on, this animatronic, as the name implies, acts as a daycare attendant in the Superstar Daycare at Freddy Fazbear's Mega PizzaPlex. The Daycare Attendant transforms into its "Moon" form whenever the lights are deactivated. Sun does not want people touching the light switch, as proven by the fact that it tries to actively block Gregory from coming close to the security desk, let alone touching the light switch.

After the lights go out, it undergoes a seemingly painful transformation into moon, in which he falls behind a counter, concealing himself as he transforms. Once the transformation is complete, it acts as an enemy to Gregory by chasing him throughout the daycare.

During the closing time of the Pizza Plex, Moon's objective was to hunt down Gregory. This wasn't originally supposed to happen, as Glitchtrap invaded Moon's coding. After Gregory turns the lights on and heads towards the exit of the daycare, Sun calls him a "rule breaker" and bans him from the daycare, alerting the other animatronics. The lights go out at the end of each hour, allowing Moon to roam freely around the Mega Pizza Plex. This allows him to chase Gregory and Glamrock Freddy.

Earlier on in the Pizza Plex's lifespan, Moon was supposed to put the children to sleep, but apparently, it was "too scary" for them.

Despite its fragile appearance, this animatronic is able to carry Glamrock Freddy on its own, and in five minutes and reached the Parts & Service Maintenance Room.

If Gregory attempts to enter the daycare after he gets banned, Sun prevents him from entering, once again shouting "Security alert!" This doesn't summon any animatronics, but it can happen even if Moon is chasing the player.

Voice lines[]

Sun's lines[]

"Hooo hooo hooo!"

"Helloooo! New friend! You're sure up late! Are we having a slumber party? Where are all your friends?"

"We can finger paint, tell stories, drink Fizzy Faz until our heads ex-PLODE and stay up all night!"

"There is only one rule: keep the lights on. ON. On..."

"Oh, no, no, no! What a mess! Oh, which one was at the bottom? Where is the top? Clean up! Clean up!"

"Hey, hey, are ya having fun yet? Are ya? Are ya?"

"New friend, this area is o-off-limits. You're gonna get us in trouble..."

"Don't you want a puppet show? I-I have glitter glue! Ya like glitter glue? Googly eyes?"

"No- NO! Why would you do that? Lights on, lights on! I-I warned you- I WARNED YOU!"

"Rule-breaker, RULE-BREAKER! You are banned from the Daycare! Security alert! Security alert! Wooo! Woooo!"

"You shouldn't be here! Security alert! Security alert! Wooo! Woooo!"

"I'm putting you in time out!"

"Rrrrrggh... clean up! Clean up!"

Moon's lines[]

"Naughty boy... Naughty boy... It's past your bedtime. You must be punished! Nighty-night~...."

"Bad children must be punished..."

"Rrrrrggh... clean up! Clean up!"

"Hidey hide. Hide away."

"Bad children must be found..."

"Knock knock..."

"It's past your bedtime..."

"I'm putting you in time out!"


Naughty! Naughty! It's time for your nap!!
— Moon
No light!!! Aeeeegh!
— Moon
New friend? New friend! I am trapped in a nap!
— Sun
Reboot! Reboot! We need to be whole!
— Sun
Naughty! Naughty!
— Moon
Lights on! Lights on! Turn generators on!
— Sun
It won't work. Take your nap! No more Sun!
— Moon
Nap time. Nap time. No crafts or treats to share.
— Sun
Nggggh. Hrrr. Naughty! Naughty! Make it stop! The light makes us hurt! Grind Grind! Grinding gears inside my head! We can't move. Error! Error!
— Moon
NO more Sun. No light! Forever night.
— Moon
No! Turn on the generators! Why aren't you listening?!
— When approaching Sun before turning on any generators
NO! It's not safe yet! Turn on the other generator!
— When approaching Sun after turning on only one generator.
No! Not me, the other me!
— Approaching Sun after activating both generators
Happy birthday!
— Eclipse
Warning! Warning! Child in danger. Safety mode active - Little girl, you can't be in here. It's dangerous. I need to clean up before we open in the morning! This place will be flooded with kids.
Come back soon and have a Faz-eriffic day!
— Eclipse
Thank you.
— Sun






Real life[]



  • Its "Sun" form was first teased in Security Breach's first trailer, where a cartoonish version of it can be seen in a poster. This poster appears to be an early version of the Sunnydrop candy poster featured during Dawko's charity livestream
    • Before Sun's name was revealed many fans speculated it to be 'Sunrise'.
  • The animatronic has bells on its arms, supposedly to allow blind children to know of its whereabouts.
  • The "Moon" form was originally used to put the children to sleep but, apparently, it was "too scary" for the children.
  • The Daycare Attendant has a clip on its back, which enables it to attach to the ceiling and swim in the air.
    • It's actually not the only one to have it, but Moon is the only one to use it ingame.
      • Glamrock Freddy, Montgomery, and Glamrock Chica have small, seemingly-removable spots on their backs that the clips could be attached to. Roxanne, however, lacks one of these, due to both having hair and her clothes.
  • As revealed by the Ruin DLC, the way the Daycare Attendant's main transformation works is through colored lights in the endoskeleton, which illuminate the suit from within, causing it to appear in its corresponding color. In Sun mode, these lights are yellow, whereas in Moon mode, they're blue instead.
    • It's still unclear where the nightcap comes from, however.
  • When the predownload for the Ruin DLC was released, and dataminers discovered Eclipse's lines in the files, they were mistakenly believed to be Glamrock Bonnie's lines.
  • An animatronic of Ruined Eclipse was made for use at Pax West, sitting in a vent in Steel Wool Studios' booth.
    • The animatronic's animations are limited, simply tapping their fingers and tilting their head on repeat.