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Chica the Chicken, commonly referred to as Chica, is an animatronic character and one of the four main antagonists of Five Nights at Freddy's.


Chica the Chicken is a yellow chicken animatronic with light purple or violet eyes. Chica has a white bib with multi-color confetti hanging around her neck that reads, "Let's Eat". Chica has orange feet, each with a pair of clawlike, white-tipped toes. In her left hand, she holds a cupcake named Mr. Cupcake (or Carl) on a plate.


Five Nights at Freddy's

Like Bonnie, Chica is active and starts to move fairly early on. She will try and navigate her way around until she reaches the player. She also plays the role of a backup singer and is the only female in-game, and even out character numbers.

Five Nights At Freddy's 3

Chica's head can be seen in Fazbear's Fright.

Chica only appears in the minigames. On Night 3, she is lured to the Safe Room by Shadow Freddy and is then dismantled by William Afton. However, on Night 5, the soul inhabiting her blocks the exit with the others to prevent William from escaping. A child with Chica's mask is seen getting freed in Happiest Day.

Ultimate Custom Night

She hangs out in the kitchen, being generally clumsy and knocking over lots of pots and pans. In Custom Night, the kitchen is also where the music box happens to be, and while Chica doesn't care if the music box is wound up or not, she can grow tired of the music selection playing. As long as you hear the pots and pans, Chica is content. If she stops making noise, however, then she has grown tired of the song, and you only have a short amount of time to change it. Don't get too eager to change music selections though, because if you change the music while Chica is happy, then she will leave the kitchen to come to get you. Once she leaves the kitchen, there is no way to make her go back.
— Character description

Help Wanted

Chica appears in 3 minigames 1 of witch is non hostile she appears in FNAF 1, Parts & Service, and Pizza Party


Five Nights at Freddy's

Chica is a yellow chicken; she has orange feet and yellow hands. She has a bib that says "Lets Eat!!!" and has three little top hairs on her head. She also has an orange beak with her endoskeleton teeth showing.


Chica's jumpscare sound.

The sound that plays when Chica is dismantled by William.

Chica's Eating sounds from Special Delivery.

Chica's unique jumpscare sound from Special Delivery.

Chica's unique Haywire sound effect from Special Delivery.



Help Wanted


  • Chica is heard in the kitchen dropping pans and plates even though you can't see her.
  • She wears a bib that says "LET'S EAT".
  • On Five Nights At Freddy's 2, her new counterpart's bib says Let's Party.
  • On Five Nights at Freddy's 2, the cupcake that was on the office desk in the first game is held by the new Chica.
  • Chica is haunted by a spirit named Susie judging by the graves in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator matching the position of the heads in the Five Nights at Freddy's 3 good and bad endings with Fazbear Frights: Step Closer story number three Coming Home supporting this.
    • In Ultimate Custom Night, one of Withered Chica's death lines is "I was the first! I have seen everything!". This could indicate Susie was William Afton's first victim during the Missing Children Incident.
  • At the end of the Survival Logbook, a design of a heavily damaged version of Chica is seen. It is unknown what this means.
  • Chica is the only character to officialy appear in another game.
    • The game is known as Creepy Castle.

Withered Chica is one of the animatronics and one of the main antagonists in Five Nights at Freddy's 2.


Like all of the other withered animatronics, she spends her time in the Parts/Service room. She is the withered version of Chica and, like Bonnie, becomes active on Night 3 at 2AM.


Both of Withered Chica’s hands are missing, with long wires pouring out from Chica’s handless arms. Her mouth goes around almost her entire head, to a point where it looks like her entire head got bent in half. Her mouth is wide-open with both her costume teeth and endoskeleton teeth visible, as well as tons of wires going between the top of her head to her torso. Her costume is in pretty bad shape with dirt, scratches, and holes all over it. her arms also seem to be stuck in the 'T' position


Withered Chica's starts at Parts/Service. When Withered Bonnie leaves the room, Withered Chica can be seen knocked over, but Bonnie probably did this when he left the room.

She then goes to Party Room 4, Party Room 2, and then enters the Right Air Vent that leads to the Office. Chica is the only withered animatronic who doesn't appear in the hallway, she instead goes straight to the vents. If Withered Chica is in the office, failing to put the mask on, or failing to put it on quick enough will trigger Withered Chica's jumpscare.

To avoid Withered Chica, Bonnie and Freddy, it's best to put the mask on every time the monitor is lowered. This way death can be avoided.

Ultimate Custom Night

She is the last of the five vent-crawlers. Withered Chica can be blocked by the vent snare as well as the vent door. Unlike Ennard and the others, she gives no audio cue when she is at the door, meaning you need to track her position using the vent radar. If she reaches the vent door, she will become stuck in it, preventing you from closing it for the rest of the night. While her girth prevents Ennard, Molten Freddy, and Springtrap from passing, Mangle can still get through. While this may seem like a strategic advantage, keep in mind that Withered Chica may eventually wiggle free and jumpscare you.

Voice Lines

I was the first! I have seen everything!
— Withered Chica
Come closer. Let's smile together.
— Withered Chica
I never thought I’d make it through that vent, but now, we are together.
— Withered Chica
Let me show you how to break your face and look like me!
— Withered Chica
I have seen him. The one you shouldn’t have killed.
— Withered Chica


Withered Chica in the Office.

Withered Chica's jumpscare sound.


  • One of Chica's lines in Ultimate Custom Night is "I was the first. I have seen everything". This implies her child was the first to be killed in the Missing Children's Incident.


Five Nights at Freddy's 2

Ultimate Custom Night

Phantom Chica is a phantom animatronic in the game Five Nights at Freddy's 3. She appears on an arcade screen in CAM 07, it will be a close-up shot of her face as it is grey-scaled. After the player puts the monitor down and turns to the left, Phantom Chica will jumpscare them.


Phantom Chica has a burnt appearance and is covered in burn marks, possibly foreshadowing the burning of attraction. Her yellow skin has been charred and turned a dark mix of green, yellow, and black. Phantom Chica's animatronic teeth are not as big as they are on Chica in the second game. Phantom Chica also has pinpricked irises just like every other Phantom Animatronics. Phantom Chica seems to be either lacking her right arm or it is stuck behind her back. She seems to have a better resemblance to her first game character than her Toy or Withered forms, Phantom Chica Seems lost her Bib.

Movement Pattern

Phantom Chica lacks a movement pattern as at random intervals will appear in the arcade machine as a close up of her face in a grey-scale format. She will get more aggressive and appears more often as the night's progress.


Phantom Chica's jumpscare seems to be very different from her jumpscare from the first and second game, unlike everyone else. She appears on the left side of the office and swerves her body towards the player with her mouth open. She has a normal Fnaf 3 scream.


  • Phantom Chica is the only animatronic in the game to be based on a Five Nights at Freddy's 1 model
  • Phantom Chica appears on only one spot on only one of the cameras.
  • Phantom Chica is one of two Phantom Animatronics who will jumpscare you if you look at them too long when looking at them on the monitor.
  • Phantom Chica has a possibility of appearing on a camera with Phantom Puppet or Phantom Mangle and then the two attacking at once.
  • If you look closely, Phantom Chica still has her endoskeleton teeth and her bib from the first game.
  • Despite not featuring as a character in Ultimate Custom Night, in the FNaF 3 themed office, the arcade with Phantom Chica's face is included.


  • Phantom Chica’s right shoulder clips through her body during her jumpscare.
  • Her left forearm seems to be glitching a little during the jumpscare
  • In the first frame of Phantom Chica's jumpscare and in the Extra menu, her left shoulder appears to clip through her arm, much like Freddy Fazbear from the second game.


Nightmare Chica is an animatronic in the game Five Nights at Freddy's 4. She is the nightmarish incarnation of Chica.


Nightmare Chica looks like Chica, just heavily damaged, deteriorated, and broken-down. Nightmare Chica, just like Chica, is still a yellowish chicken, although the yellow hue seems to be rather washed out. She has two sets of very long, sharp teeth. The bib she wears that says "LET'S EAT!" remains, albeit in poor condition.

Nightmare Chica suffers from very heavy damage. Her torso and knees have huge tears in them, exposing her endoskeleton. The material around her fingers and her eyes have withered away, also showing the endoskeleton. There is a tear on her head, and wires are sticking out nearby. One of her eyes seems to be not working as it does not illuminate any color.


Five Nights at Freddy's 4

Nightmare Chica will show up from the at the end of the Right Hall to hide when the flashlight is shined on her. If not, her breathing will be heard in which the player has to close the Door. If the player didn't close the door and flash the flashlight, it results in a Game Over.


Nightmare Chica's jumpscare sound.

Ultimate Custom Night

Nightmare Chica does not appear on the normal character roster, and instead can randomly be spawned by Dee Dee.

When she is activated, Nightmare Chica's jaws will slowly slide in from the top and bottom of the office. Using the Power A/C will push back the jaws; otherwise, the mouth will close and Nightmare Chica will jumpscare the player.




Five Nights at Freddy’s 4

FNaF world

Ultimate Custom Night

Jack-O-Chica is the halloween version of Nightmare Chica, found exclusively in Five Nights at Freddy's 4: Halloween Edition.


Jack-O-Chica is essentially just a reskin of Nightmare Chica. The changes made in it involve Jack-O-Chica being orange, rather than yellow, having an orange candlelight glow out of its body, as well as having the Nightmare Cupcake replaced with the less-menacing Pumpkin.


Five Nights at Freddy's 4: Halloween Edition

She acts exactly the same as Nightmare Chica, with only a cosmetic change to her.

Jack-O-Chica's role parallels that of Jack-O-Bonnie, coming from the East Hall of the house. Unlike Bonnie, however, when the child's back is turned, she sends another animatronic, the Pumpkin, to do her dirty work. She is the slower out of her and Bonnie and tends to wander into the kitchen, banging around dishes for unknown reasons. The child has to hold the right door shut to prevent her from getting in. If the child flashes the light at her when she is standing right outside the door, she will attack him, and if he turns his back on the door to look at the bed, Chica will have the Pumpkin enter the room and attack. The only way to tell she is at the door is to listen to her breathing. Holding the door will cause her to walk away, being able to kill the kid by sneaking upon him or her.

Ultimate Custom Night

When the office heats up, she will appear in both halls at the same time. Close both doors to make her vanish. This won't work if the office is 100 degrees or more.

Special Delivery

Jack-o-Chica's Aggression and Perception stats are maxed out

Jack-o-Chica functions similarly to most other characters, having the default Charge and Haywire attacks alongside filling the screen with static. Her Static, however, has a smoke texture instead; This is merely a visual change.

Due to her high stats, she is extremely dangerous, and the haywire can kill before having time to react. She is also known for haywiring in the player's face rather than in the static.


  • All of Jack-O-Chica's lines in Ultimate Custom Night refer to fire in some way.
  • Jack-o-Chica is the first character added to Special Delivery coming from the fourth game
    • Despite being considered a skin by her original appearance, she was introduced before her base counterpart.
    • She is also the first character added without Plushsuit data originally being present, excluding Skin-Characters like Freddy Frostbear.




Five Nights at Freddy's 4

FNaF world

Ultimate Custom Night

Special Delivery

Voice Lines

Special Delivery

All systems Operational

Animatronic CPU, Now Online.

Are you happy meet me? ARE YOU?

Are you having FUN yet? I know that I am...

Are you scared of the dark? YOU SHOULD BE!

Be careful not to burn yourself


Come closer... I promise I won't smash you to pieces.

3... 2... 1... Coming! Ready or not!

CPU Power supply at 100%.

Did you like your Special Delivery?

Don't worry, I'll visit you in your dreams tonight!

Don't you worry, I'm great at carving Pumpkins..

Enjoy your success! It's not going to last.

Fire consumes Everything in it's path... As will I.

Friend... or Foe? Want to take a guess?

Greetings... from the FIRE.

Guess you got Squashed.. into Pumpkin Pie.

How sad... Looks like you got BURNT OUT.


I'm disappointed... You made a TERRIBLE Jack-o-Human.

I do my Best work at this time of year.

I'm going to EXTINGUISH YOU! Permanently...

I'm much too Hot for YOU to handle.

I'm REAL close now... Get ready.

I've been so full of MISCHIEF.

I am so on FIRE! and You aren't...

I can hear your heart beating... I can fix that for you.

I knew you couldn't handle the heat!

Ooooo! I like that one!.

It's time to hollow out your insides, and give you a Feast.

I will find you.. And you will burn.


Let's hang out ALL the time!

Listen for my footsteps.. Closer... CLOSER..


My flames will return, AND EAT YOU UP!




Oh dear, I don't think we can patch you up...

Oh my... You really don't get it, do you?

Oh, WOW. You were SO much weaker than I expected!

Over here!

Play with me... AND YOU get burned...


Rest assured, I will rise from the ashes!

Cat-like screams

Seems like things are HEATING up...

Some things just go out in Smoke!

Sorry to say, you've been snuffed out

That feels SO much better...

That might fan the Flames a bit...

That REALLY wasn't a fair fight, was it? TRY AGAIN NEXT TIME... Heh heh heh heh heh...


Think you can Beat my Heat?

This next bit may be painful... For you..

This pumpkin patch isn't big enough for the both of us.

AHAHAHAHA! Time for us to get Acquainted.. We'll be the best of friends.

Won't you come and BURN with me?

You're going to be Burnt to a Crisp..

You've been DEVOURED, By me...

You are no match for my flames..

You can NEVER put me out!

You can NOT fight this FIRE!!

You don't seem happy to meet me... And I was so looking forward to it..

Ohohoho, You just got BURNED!

You know I can see you... Right?

You know what they say... Where there is smoke, There's fire.

You'd look SO much better... if I carved you up like my Pumpkin.

You make a PERFECT... Jack-o-Human...

Your survival was NEVER an option

You turned up the temperature... Didn't you?

You were so right to be afraid of ME.

Rockstar Chica is a Rockstar Animatronic and the FNaF 6 version of Chica, she can be bought for 2000 dollars in Smiles and Servos Inc.


Rockstar Chica is an anthropomorphic yellow chicken-like all her other incarnations, she has blue cheeks, blue eyelids, and blue kneecaps, she has Chica’s iconic bib that reads "LET'S ROCK!!!" with confetti on it, she also has hands similar to Circus Baby, she also wears red make-up and has magenta-colored eyes.

Ultimate Custom Night

Character description: Rockstar Chica might appear in the left or right hallway however closing the door won’t make her leave and instead she will wait until the door either opens or your power runs out, to make her go away you must double-click a wet floor sign and put it next to the door Rockstar Chica is at, because of her fear of slipping she leaves the door she is at.

Voice Lines


Rockstar Chica's jumpscare sound.


  • Rockstar Chica might have basophobia (fear of falling).
  • Rockstar Chica is the 3rd incarnation of Chica that doesn’t have a cupcake, the 2nd being Phantom Chica and the 1st being Withered Chica.
  • Rockstar Chica is the 1st incarnation of Chica to have instruments.


Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator

Ultimate Custom Night

Liberty Chica is a skin in Five Nights at Freddy's: Special Delivery. As she is a skin, her mechanics and animations are identical to Chica. As she was an event, she can no longer be found roaming naturally.


Liberty Chica is a green variation of Chica. Her entire design appears based on the Statue of Liberty, with a green dress and some spots giving way to orange. Her cupcake appears to resemble a torch, being covered entirely in fire.


  • Liberty Chica is the second animatronic with a specified American theme
  • Her cupcake appears to have a contained fire, potentially even fake fire.

Scorching Chica is a skin in Five Nights at Freddy's: Special Delivery. As she is a skin, her mechanics and animations are identical to Chica. As she was an event, she can no longer be found roaming naturally.


Scorching Chica appears to be a burnt variation of Chica. While her base design appears to be based on obsidian, Lava peeks through various cracks. Her Cupcake, Carl, is missing it's eyes and appears burnt.


  • Scorching Carl has his head detached from his body, appearing to confirm that the frosting lifts up like a jaw.

Roxanne Wolf (February Trailer).png
"When the fear takes hold, and reality fails. The stage is set, and insanity prevails."
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Glamrock Chica is the Glamrock version of the original Chica the Chicken, as well as the guitarist of Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizza Plex.



Glamrock Chica is a white and pink Chicken, similar to Funtime Chica. On both ears, she has green earrings. In her hair, she has a pink bow, while around her right eye and left cheek she has pink makeup. On her shoulders are pink shoulder pads, while she's also wearing the same spiked bracelets as Glamrock Freddy on each arm. Her hands appear to have green, fingerless gloves, similar to Funtime Foxy.

She appears to have a pink one-piece swimsuit on her torso, alongside leg warmers like the rest of the Glamrocks. Unlike the rest, Glamrock Chica's leg warmers are different colors and styles; The one on her left leg is pink, while the other is green.


While Shattered, Chica is in far worse condition. She is entirely missing her beak, which was taken by Gregory. Her suit is cracked, with several patches of missing plastic scattered across it. One of her eyes is now incorrectly positioned, resulting in it looking off to her right

Gameplay mechanics

Glamrock Chica roams around the Pizzaplex along with the other animatronics. She is the first hostile animatronic to appear and seems to be the most common one called over when a Staff Bot catches you. She later appears in a tutorial teaching about how the animatronics are attracted to sounds and how they can be utilized to lure them away from exits. Glamrock Chica can be found eating trash with pizza in it, because her programming suggests that she should be constantly eating pizza, even if it's unsanitary or dirty.

Glamrock Chica has a particularly infuriating area dedicated to her called Mazercise. It inspires kids to eat fast food and to "work off the calories while you eat". She's also the only animatronic chasing you through the Fazer Blast area.

Her boss fight is very standard, simply activate a generator and put pizza-flavored Monty Mystery Mix in the trash compactor. A cutscene plays where Chica is crushed and pulls Gregory into the Trash Compactor, falling through the trash and into the sewers.

Down in the sewers, the player can take the beak and voice box off of the seemingly deactivated Glamrock Chica. From this point on, Chica will no longer be able to speak, and instead have glitched static.


To be added.



  • She was the only main Glamrock absent from the leaked Security Breach Calendar.
    • She is also the only Glamrock to be based directly on a design from a previous game, being based on Toy Chica
  • Glamrock Chica is the only animatronic who can be stunned in both her regular and shattered variants, barring glitches.
  • Glamrock Chica was given a surprising amount of attention during the teaser phase for the game.
    • In fact, Glamrock Chica was the first animatronic seen for the first DLC, Ruin.
  • Glamrock Chica is the first animatronic seen eating in any of the games.
  • Chica constantly eating may be a reference to the common headcanon for most of the other Chica variants, with them constantly eating pizza every chance they get.
  • When Shattered, Chica's head can do a complete 360 around her neck.

Little Red Chica is a skin in Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery, introduced in the Scary Tales event on April 19th, 2021. As she is a skin, she shares her mechanic with Chica.


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To be added


  • Little Red Chica has the furthest delay of any skin.
    • Her reveal image ingame was revealed on April 15th, 2021. Instead, she aired on April 19th, four days later.