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Charlotte Emily or Charlie is the daughter of Henry, the main protagonist of the Book Trilogy, and the child that becomes the Puppet.


FNaF 2

Charlie first appears in the Take Cake to the Children mini-game, albeit unnamed, and with no distinguishing sprite design. She is crying outside of Fredbear's restaurant, with Fredbear himself serving cake to the other children. A purple car pulls up next to her, and William Afton comes out. Charlie stars crying even harder, and her spirit turns grey, and the Puppet ends the minigame with a jumpscare.

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Charlie reappears in the Security Puppet minigame, now with a sprite design, and the events of taking Cake are seen again, from a different perspective. Charlie has been given a green bracelet, presumably by her father, so that the Puppet will be assigned to protect her. However, the Puppet is trapped underneath some boxes, and Charlie is locked outside in the rain by some children. When the Puppet gets free, Charlie jumps up and down to get it's attention, before fading away, as William kills her. Once the Puppet gets outside, Charlie's body lays on the ground, and the damaged Puppet hugs her corpse, allowing Charlie to possess it.

Charlie is mentioned by Henry a couple of times. In the Insanity Ending, he refers to her obliquely, when commenting on what William had already done "wasn't enough", and in the Completion ending, where Henry told Charlie, now inside Lefty, that he knew she would return, as it was in her nature to protect the innocent. He apologized for being unable to save her. As the pizzeria burned down with Charlie in it, Henry assured her the time had come for her to rest.


The Silver Eyes, The Twisted Ones, The Fourth Closet




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  • The child crying in Take Cake to the Children is referred to as "him", which contradicts Charlie being female. This can be attributed to both Scott Cawthon not originally intending Charlie to be the Puppet, and how people are generically described in a masculine way.
    • It should be noted as well that the sprite of the child resembles Sammy Emily more than Charlotte.
  • Based off of what Henry said in the "Insanity Ending", Charlie was William's first victim.
    • This contradicts with Withered Chica's voiceline from UCN, where she says, "I was the first, I have seen everything."
      • However, the line could mean that she was the first of the Missing Children Incident.
  • Charlie's age in the books does not line up with the timeline.
    • Based on the timeline of the books, Charlie should've been 15 during the events of The Silver Eyes.
  • Charlie is the first death in timeline order.

When I first found you, you were nothing. You were small, pathetic.
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Ella is a doll-like animatronic, made by Henry. While her initial purpose was to represent Charlie as a toddler, she was later repurposed into one of Charlie's toys.


Ella was originally a stage of Charlie specifically when she was a toddler however Henry had later repurposed her to be one of Charlie's toys

Fazbear Frights

Ella is the main antagonist of 1:35 AM. After being thrown away, she haunts Delilah and later used by Phineas Taggart to construct The Stitchwraith.


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