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The Wicked Tides event is an event featured in Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery, featuring some new counterparts to face off against.

The animatronics within this event have a deep sea theme.


Event Teasers

Teaser 1

Something's stirring in the dark depths below...

Will you be pulled under?

Teaser 2

These are dangerous seas--

Dark Water Bare Endo lurks right beneath the surface. Though we'd be just as careful of what wanders the murky bottom...

Teaser 3

It's nice that you're getting along swimmingly with Sunken Toy Bonnie 🤩🤿

But who can say what the Wicked Tides will bring in next...

In the meantime watch those toes--who knows what's hungry for a nibble from below 😬

Skin Release Tweets

Dark Waters Bare Endo

It's so dark here deep down below, but--

Dark Water Bare Endo has a light for you to follow if you dare...

The waters of the Wicked Tides are here to claim you 😈🌊😱

Sunken Toy Bonnie

You haven't forgotten about Sunken Toy Bonnie have you?

He's always looking for more friends to join him in the watery depths of the Wicked Tides ⬇️😨

Piranha Plushtrap


Piranha Plushtrap's been sighted!

And he thinks it's just too bad if you're swept into his underwater domain by the Wicked Tides😱


  • Unlike previous events, the Wicked Tides event features several teasers, which show parts of the skin prior to release

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