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The Screampunk event is an event featured in Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery, featuring some new counterparts to face off against.

The animatronics within this event are each based around Steampunk machinery, and have several gears visible in their design.


Event Teasers

Teaser 1

The Wicked Tides & their strange denizens are moving back to sea.

But gears are whirring & there's a tick-tocking--

We're not sure what all that could be...

Teaser 2

Clockwork Ballora says it's almost time for another to arise--

That it's a Screampunk surprise & that they love taking to the skies...

Skin Release Tweets

Clockwork Ballora

Time flies when you're with Clockwork Ballora!

Enjoy the wonders & mysteries of the Screampunk event with her 😱

You're sure to have a screamingly fun time round the clock...

Aeronaut Toy Freddy

📣All aboard! 📣

👉Destination: Screampunk

Get ready to take off with Aeronaut Toy Freddy... 🐻⬆️

Jetpack Balloon Boy

Jetpack Balloon Boy's landed in Screampunk.

He isn't here to play...

He's firing up his engines--don't get blasted away 🤯💥

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