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The Scary Tales event is an event featured in Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery, featuring some new counterparts to face off against.

The animatronics within this event have a Little Red Riding Hood theme.


Event Teasers

Teaser 1

Catch up with Melted Chocolate Bonnie, Chocolate Bonnie & Easter Bonnie before the Hop Chocolate Event melts away @ 5PM PDT today☀️🍫🐰

The new event starts tomorrow @ 5PM PDT & we can't wait to see just what's going on as we head into the woods👀🌳

Teaser 2

Hop Chocolate & Melted Chocolate Bonnie have hopped away.

But--a new story is underway.

A trip to grandma's, gone astray...

Part 2 Teaser

Little Red Chica can't wait to enjoy her delicious basket of treats with her dear old granny.

But she should watch you spy who's been following her on the sly?

How will Scary Tales unfold?

Skin Release Tweets

Little Red Chica

Have a seat & we'll tell you about Little Red Chica on the way to their granny's house...🧺🐤🏠

Don't be afraid to enter the world of Scary Tales--they're just stories, right?😱

Big Bad Foxy

"Oh, but grandmother, what a big hook you have!"

"The better to eat you with," said Big Bad Foxy.

Won't you help Little Red Chica find a happy ending to these Scary Tales? 😱📖


  • The event was originally intended to go live on April 15th, 2021. Despite this, due to bugs involving Little Red Chica, it instead came out on April 19th.
    • This gives it the furthest delay of any skin, coming out four days late.
  • Scary Tales is the first instance of part 2 being leaked prior to the event even starting.
    • Within the few hours before Scary Tales' release, Little Red Chica's files were sent out, accidentally containing Big Bad Foxy's files as well.

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