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The Heart Stoppers event is an event featured in Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery, featuring some new counterparts to face off against.

The animatronics within this event have a Hate/Dark Love theme. In addition, two new features were added within this event, being the Photo Booth and the 3D Profile Icons.


Event Teasers

Teaser 1

Did you step right up to the Dark Circus?

Be sure to catch this Blast from the Past in its last few days--

In just a bit, there'll be not one, but two new friends joining the fray...

Teaser 2

Don't be too sad that the Dark Circus can't stay

February's time for toys & sweets & play~

We're so excited--our hearts might hop & skip to a stop


  • This is the first event to release two skins at the same time.
  • The initial event teaser actually does not line up with the event itself.
  • The Photo Booth was initially added during the Winter Wonderland event, however had to be closed down due to issues
  • Springtrap is the only character not related to the event to receive a 3D Profile Icon on their release
    • However, Springtrap and Mangle had received icons in the Ancient Equinox event.

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