Bon Bon is the Handpuppet of Funtime Freddy in Sister Location.


In Night 2 in the Breaker Room, Michael Afton activates mascot response audio. This is Bon-Bon's voice talking to Funtime Freddy, telling him to "calm down", and assuring him that he is worrying about nothing. This causes Funtime Freddy to be less aggressive towards Michael, and move back towards his stage

In Night 3 there is a point in which Michael will need to press a button under Bon-Bon's bowtie. However, the puppet will detach itself and sneak around Freddy's body. If the player does not press the button in time, Bon-Bon will jumpscare and kill the player.

Bon-Bon is last seen on Night 5 in the Scooping Room. However, the endoskeleton has been removed, leaving only a inanimate shell


In stark contrast to Funtime Freddy, Bon Bon is very formal, mellow, and levelheaded, speaking in a calm tone of voice. However, when Funtime Freddy was being repaired, it acted extremely shy, violent, homicidal, mischevious, and murderous.


  • Bon Bon is seen in the Sister Location resin of the Office in Ultimate Custom Night
  • Bon Bon is said to be a mother-like figure to Funtime Freddy but because of his gender than he is most likely more of a father figure.
  • The reason Bon Bon helps Micheal in night 2 but attempts to kill him in night 3 is because Bon Bon wanted to calm down Funtime Freddy in night 2 while in night 3 he is scared of being deactivated so he attempts to stop Micheal by killing him.
    • This could imply that Bon Bon has thanatophobia which is fear of death since deactivation is kind of like death if the robot is never turned on again.


Bonnet is a non canon Animatronic that features in Sister Location's Custom Night.

Custom Night

Bonnet might appear in the right side of your office and will start walking, you have to touch her nose to deactivate her before she gets to the end of the office, if she gets to the end of the office than she will end your night with a jumpscare.

Ultimate Custom Night

Bonnet has a chance to be summoned by Dee Dee or Shadow Dee Dee on the Ultimate Custom Night, if she appears you must touch her nose to stop her, if she gets to the end of your office than she will end your run with a jumpscare to your face.


  • Bonnet is the 1st incarnation of Bonnie to be female.
  • She is pink because of her gender while her male counterpart Bon Bon is blue.
  • Bonnet usually giggles however if you beat the weirdos challenge than at the end of the night Bonnet will say "Take me with you" implying that like Circus Baby and Ennard, she wants to leave the facility aswell.


Sister Location

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