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CyborgParaseeDoggy CyborgParaseeDoggy 6 days ago

Five Nights at Freddy's Wiki is cool.


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I made this because I have nothing better to do.

I hate school and I wish it died. here is something about me. I hate school, lazy af, tired af, loves lolbit.

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FrostTheFrozenFox FrostTheFrozenFox 30 May

Unnamed Ruin Character

NOTE: I'm storing this here so that, as soon as the girl's name is announced, I can put it in and post as an actual page. This is for the girl on Ruin's poster. I'm also giving permission to edit this to everyone, since this is just to store the page.

When a name is released, this page will be copied into the actual one, with the blog itself being deleted. All instances of ??? will be replaced with her official name

??? is an unnamed character in Security Breach: Ruin, serving as the main protagonist in Gregory's place.

  • 1 Appearance
  • 2 Personality
  • 3 History
  • 4 Trivia

??? is a young girl with short, blonde hair in pigtails. She's wearing a long-sleeve shirt, although it could also be a hoodie, alongside a miniskirt. Her skirt has a transparent fabric at th…

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Plutorulezzz Plutorulezzz 27 May


hi guys does anyone want me to post something if i like it i will post it!!

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Poghuman Poghuman 6 May

Goldy's bannishment

Um, so basically I'm calling christal and monty for this.

We got banned from goldy's wiki, so now we need to find out a new plan to ban goldy and his alt. How about ask fandom for help? I mean, they might have a way to ban him.

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Poghuman Poghuman 16 April

the power of God compels emojis!

Don't deny it.

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Spongebobguyy2 Spongebobguyy2 16 March


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Spongebobguy 2 Spongebobguy 2 7 March

FNaF 4 Main gameplay 1983 vs. 1993

  • 1 Over View
  • 2 1983
    • 2.1 Proof
  • 3 1993
    • 3.1 Proof

to be added



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omg look it's me, I'M HERE!!!!

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Lolzerdliz Lolzerdliz 16 February


i am on fire, the end

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Revenant Rieves Revenant Rieves 15 February

hello granda

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ONE PUNCH MAN561534 ONE PUNCH MAN561534 14 February


What a year

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ONE PUNCH MAN561534 ONE PUNCH MAN561534 11 February

What i do the most in fandom

I go to this wiki to view the fnaf + page. And i edit my wiki.

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Revenant Rieves Revenant Rieves 8 February

Anyone like WWE? Mine is either Kane or Roman Reigns

Whose your favorite WWE superstar?

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Poghuman Poghuman 28 January


E is good, and you should know it.

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Goldy freddy Goldy freddy 27 January


mi name is goldy freddy, this is my first blog post, wait, oh yes, blog post, so......hmmm, how do i get badges through blogs :)

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AbstrectGuy AbstrectGuy 27 January

How I become Tutti's follower

Hello guys, my name is AbstrectGuy! This is the story of how I became Tutti's follower.

So, if you guys reading this are from 2020/2021, you all might know me because of how dumb I am before :(. Ankylo and Poghuman, who is my friends now, started a war with Tutti and me before. Tutti is a dumb bullshit, and everyone should agree, because of how selfish, arrogant, annoying, and fuck he is. I am sorry to everyone who I bullied when I was still with Tutti :(. I don't remember much, because of my school problems, but I do remember how I become Tutti's follower.

I came to this wiki on ??/??/2020 (forgot day and moth), and I haven't use capslock before. I think I make some friends from the Michael Afton page, and the other pages too. I found out t…

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Killerlore0467 Killerlore0467 14 January

she is staring into my soul😳

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FrostTheFrozenFox FrostTheFrozenFox 18 December 2021

Security Breach messages

I'm going to start writing down some of the messages here for now, until the Fazwatch's page is being worked on. I intend to take this exact information and transfer it over, but for now this is where it's at. These are being split up into three parts to make it easier to tell what point they're obtained.


"SECURITY REPORT - 12:24AM - Bonnie is seen leaving his green room in Rockstar Row heading east towards the atrium. 2:40AM - Bonnie enters the east arcade. 4:12AM - Bonnie enters Monty Golf."

Obtained in the Utility Tunnels, behind a Monty gate in the medical station.

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Popcorn980 Popcorn980 29 November 2021

MY Blog

I'm not sure what to say but Hi my name is Popcorn980 It's really is nice being on this wiki! the poeple here are so funny like poghuman he was my fist firend on this wiki. Am happy that he is my firend And i hope to make more firends on this wiki!

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XbradonnWiki XbradonnWiki 27 November 2021

Fnaf triva???

  • Despite the name, Bonnie is identified as a male, according to Scott Cawthon.
  • Bonnie is the only animatronic to go in the backstage and the Supply Closet, although he doesn't stay in those places for long.
  • In the trailer for the first game, he was shown running and removing his face; the running ability being given to Foxy. No animatronics remove their masks in the game.
    • This could possibly have been the inspiration for the Freddy Mask mechanic in the second game.
  • Scott Cawthon, the creator of Five Nights at Freddy's, considers Bonnie to be the scariest animatronic.
    • He had multiple nightmares while making the game, and even gave himself accidental jump-scares while programming Bonnie's A.I.
  • Through the placement of the FNaF 3 heads compared to th…
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XbradonnWiki XbradonnWiki 27 November 2021

Brandon stuff

  1. The minigames where Helpy does not appear include "Duck Pond", "Fruity Maze", "Midnight Motorist", "Candy Cadet", "Lemonade Clown", "Fruit Punch Clown", "Security Puppet", and "Prize King".
  2. Helpy appears to be a miniature figure of Funtime Freddy. However, he lacks the Bon-Bon puppet and face-plates.
  3. Helpy only has a jumpscare in Ultimate Custom Night. This jumpscare does not kill, however.
  4. Yeah.
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Spongebobguy 2 Spongebobguy 2 16 October 2021

FNaF on Concle

this is revew and expalinon on the ports (note im on xbox)

  • 1 FNaF 1
  • 2 FNaF 2
  • 3 FNaF 3
    • 3.1 Night 1
      • 3.1.1 BB Air advancer
      • 3.1.2 Mangle's Quest
  • 4 FNaF 4
    • 4.1 Night 8
  • 5 FNAF SL
    • 5.1 Night 4
  • 6 FFPS
  • 7 UCN
  • 8 Help Wanted

it moved farly smothly the cam contrals are wird at first but youll get use to it

same as FNaF 1 but the cam and mask are reversed

same as the last ones secrat time (how to get the good ending)

X - Interacte

Y - Hank Freddy's nose

LT - Cupcakes

Hold X + D pad - Buttons

press X on Cam 8

Hold X and use the D pad in the right order

up left, down left, up right, down right

DONT GO TO THE EXIT glitch through the wall above


A = Light

B = Door

To pay push XYXYXYXY

It was harder on Xbox but raparond cursor makes it possible

to be added

Link to…

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EmmyComedy EmmyComedy 25 September 2021

FNAF Elizabeth

Elizabeth eats Icecream.

Why does there gotta be that ONE AU. THAT



That makes elizabeth OBSESSED WITH ICECREAM?????

The image is an example. Fr, Why you gotta make Elizabeth like that.


You do realize shes like 10 or sum?-

(Well shes 6 in some AUs, but shes not 10 she'd most likely be 6, but why yall... WHY)

Elizabeth is NOT obsessed with icecream. She is just a normal girl who loves it, but she doesn't have an obsession with it.

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Doanything3 Doanything3 6 September 2021


So, this is my first blong post And I am gonna tell you how I got into FNAF.

It's really weird to think this is my favorite franchise when looking back at how I came here. I forgot to mention something about me, I like Gacha and watch it too. Now, just because I like gacha wouldn't mean I would like that coummunity as well. I mean, there is a good side to it, and a bad side just like any other fandom. I like it because it helps me create stories which I am unable to make since I am bad at drawing and I like graphical things. So, I used to watch a lot of gacha, and I still do apart from other things. I was always getting recomandations of Afton family videos. I didn't know what it ws, and many people seemed to know about it so I searched wha…

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Ankylo602727 Ankylo602727 6 September 2021

How long I have been in FANDOM

This is my first year in FANDOM, but a lot is happening already. I joined FANDOM probably in 4th July, and my first comment is on the Older Brother page, and the first message wall I visited is TUTTI I FNAF’s message wall, and the first friend I made here is Poghuman. He was the first person to ever reply to my posts. I visited TUTTI I FNAF’s profile because I had been in this wiki earlier than July, and I only made an account in July. I had known him even before I got an account, and some time after Poghuman replied to my third post, Tutti’s first account was banned, followed by his two other accounts, TIFFANYFAZBEAR2005 and JUSTMONIKAANDYURI. The first of Tutti’s accounts to ever reply to me is IMABEAR1987. He got banned shortly after by…

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ZangleTheFox ZangleTheFox 2 September 2021

News report 9/2/21

Hello, its Zangle back for another report. As you may have noticed i have been gone for a couple days and its because of random reasons i can not share. Anyway lets get started.

(CREDIT TO @Ankylo602727)

Many toxic users have been threatening @FrostTheFrozenFox, @TastyAnimatronics, and many more!! PLEASE STOP ITS COMPLETE SHIT!!! JUST STOP THREATENING OTHER PEOPLE

(MORE CREDIT TO @Ankylo602727)

It is therorized that World War 3 is about to happen if this rampage continues on!

@AbstrectGuy Fucked up badly XD

Thats all everyone! Have a great day and if you have any ideas message me through message wall and prepare so see your idea on the next news report! :DDD

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Ankylo602727 Ankylo602727 1 September 2021

How the FNAF war started

Most of us may be wondering what the fuck have they walked into, a war, I'll tell you everything. We blame these two motherfuckers, @AbstrectGuy and @TUTTI I FNAF. They banded together and claim that they "Believe only in Scott", despite denying his word. Abstrect claims that Tutti is "always right" despite Tutti wrecking havoc in the wiki. This led me to believe tutti brainwashed Abstrect, most likely by 'talking shit' about @FrostTheFrozenFox. Tutti always has multiple accounts that are always banned, prior to his absence in the war. He was finished when one of his accounts were banned a day after it was made, and his final account didn't even last for a full hour. Poghuman tried to convince the toxic users to leave, but with no avail. I…

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Ankylo602727 Ankylo602727 19 August 2021

popular fan theories

Hi, I am Ankylo. I wrote this post because I was so fucking Bored, so I decided to make a blog post on the most popular fan theories.

Mikenone- Michael not being Foxybro or Crying Child, but rather the middle son. Debunked; William Afton has only three Children.

Miketrap- Michael Afton being Springtrap. 'Nuff said. Debunked; William was Springtrap.

Fredbear87- Fredbear doing the bite of 87. 'Nuff said. Debunked; that was the bite of 83.

MCIvictim- Bite Victim part of MCI. Debunked, 'nuff said.

Mikehell- Mike in hell. 'Nuff said.

DeskHenry- Henry being Desk Man. 'Nuff said.

Foxy83- Foxy doing bite of 83; 'Nuff said. Debunked; Fredbear did it.

MikeAstley- Why the fuck would people believe that-


FuntimeMangle- Mangle=Funtime Foxy, '…

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Poghuman Poghuman 23 July 2021


This is the part 2 of ;)

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Shadowkiller168 Shadowkiller168 18 June 2021

On Scott Cawthon's retirement

I'm sure that everyone has heard that Scott Cawthon, the creator and developer of the Five Nights at Freddy's series, will be retiring. It comes after nearly seven years of continuous, non-stop development of games that have seen so much praise and prosperity that few other franchises could match.

I'm sure many of you are saddened by the news. There has already been several posts and replies from users expressing their grief and melancholic feelings. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we all understand how you feel. For many of us, we can hardly remember a time before this series even existed. Its persistent presence playing pivotal parts in our lives, whether it take on the form of entertainment, joining communities, roleplayin…

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453986M 453986M 14 June 2021

FNAF Fan Theories

This is a space to debate and talk about FNAF fan theories and/or come up with new ones. There might be newcomers to the FNAF fandom or people who haven't played the games (like myself), so you might want to include why you think a theory is real or not and/or the evidence showing that it does/doesn't exist.

Here are a few things to know:

Minimal swearing

No disrespectful language

This is a safe space, for anyone and everyone

And also, could someone tell me how to change my name in Fandom? I've entered the right password, but it won't let me change it. (Call me either 453986M or FNAFLoreBug.)

Thanks for being here! If you see this, (which I highly doubt anyone will) you don't have to comment a FNAF theory or reply to someone with a FNAF theory. …

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Spongebobguy 2 Spongebobguy 2 10 June 2021

Important Details

Thing that are basically conformed

  • Game Theory's FNAF 2 theory was mostly correct (it might have been almost correct)(Note: It Purple Guy = Phone Guy that wrong)
  • Freddys went from being founded in 1973 to 1983
  • Something is clarified in every game after FNAF 1
  • Charlie death in the fire is shakey
  • FNAF world was never said to be non connon(even if some wich it was)
  • Susie was the first of the missing children to die
  • Matpat's "Final" theory answers many qwesonis from the time
  • Scott has said that he didn't fill FNAF4 With random easter eggs.
  • Malhare is William Afton

Plz added to this but only thing that are atlest 99% Confirmed (so things like MikeVictim shouldn't be added)

ref: Game Theory: FNAF 2, Gaming's Scariest Story SOLVED!

ref: Game Theory: FNAF, Th…

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FrostTheFrozenFox FrostTheFrozenFox 9 June 2021

I Seriously hate glitches :\

Let me explain what happened here.

So, My editing streak reset to 0 recently. I thought I just forgot to edit on a day, but... I checked, I edited every day in the past week.

My streak is currently at 3 (4 by the time this is up). By this, it would have been the fifth that the edit wasn't on. If anyone looked, Plushtrap's page was edited by me on that day.

This is just a minor rant blog about a glitch, but like seriously Fandom-

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Noobnyan9999 Noobnyan9999 7 June 2021

Static Freddy

Static Freddy Is a Freddy That Is Long Forgotten By Their Creator William Afton, Kids Would Run Away From Freddy.

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Spongebobguy 2 Spongebobguy 2 2 June 2021

Standard Character Page

Nick Name is the character of Insert Game

  • 1 Description
  • 2 History
    • 2.1 Game
  • 3 Trivia

to be added

Not much is known about Nick Name other then some random details given in Game

to be added

  • Nick is a night guard
  • Nicks favorite animatronic is Foxy
  • Contrarie to poplar belief he hates pineapple on pizza
    • His favorite topping is extra cheese
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Spongebobguy 2 Spongebobguy 2 28 May 2021

How to use every info box

Its is how to use every info box

  • 1 User Box
  • 2 Locasoin
  • 3 Game
  • 4 Characters
  • 5 Book

detailed I recommend that you also add your Gamertag (Xbox, Steam, PS4, Swich)


All ready strat forward

Please see Standard Character page for more detail

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11yearoldSTAR 11yearoldSTAR 25 May 2021


Hi! This is ME, 11yearoldSTAR! Just wanted to say hi, and let you know that I am excited to meet you all! I just wanna say, The Original Solar Flare, aka Solar Flare, the victor of pvzh, is amazing! We both like fnaf! Sorry, I'm overly excited about fnaf. Check out their page! :)


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UwU unis are cute lol UwU unis are cute lol 24 May 2021

Unicorns blog

Talk 'bout unis

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Spongebobguy 2 Spongebobguy 2 23 May 2021

Why Nightmare Fredbear in Logbook doesn't = MikeVictim

I really hate this slice of evadice and wanted to explain

We almost NEVER play as the same character between main game and minigame

in FNaF 2 (the game we first get minigames) we play as Jeremy Fitzgerald and Fritz Smith there is not one minigame where we play as either of these two the same goes for FNaF 3 we play as Fazbear's Fright Guard(mainly known as Mike Schmidt/Michael Afton) we don't play one minigame as them we know the FNaF 4 gameplay house is real (if he's neither OB or CC) he's been and possibly live in the house for a time we know we play as him in the main gameplay if we didn't play as the same character between main game and minigame in the other games why would we now (Before you sat Sister Location Custom Night those are no…

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Please go on a zoom later to help me

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Ill be doing Blog nowww

When you see my name dont believe it-

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Noobnyan9999 Noobnyan9999 13 May 2021


a character that does not exist in the fnaf series

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Monokumaeatskids Monokumaeatskids 6 May 2021

Why I think Crying Child isn't Micheal Afton

Hello! today I will be talking about why I think MIcheal Afton isn't Crying Child. Also sorry about my terrible Grammar.

Alright so a lot of people think that Micheal Afton is Crying Child but I don't think so. I think that Micheal is the older brother/FoxyMask. I think that Micheal is FoxyMask and that after killing his younger brother/Crying Child and after his younger sister Elizabeth died he worked at the FNaF locations(most of them) to avenge his siblings and the missing kids and also find his father William Afton. I know that what im saying right now has lots of things wrong with it because if Micheal was Crying Child it would explain how he survived getting scooped in Sister Loation.

Moving on to who I think Crying Child is. I belive …

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Monokumaeatskids Monokumaeatskids 4 May 2021

Crying Child and Older Brother theorys

Hello welcome to me ebarassing myself and you guys yelling at me in the comment area!(also don't mind me spelling it's really bad!)Today I will be sharing a Theory on if Crying Child is Micheal or if Micheal is the older brother!

ok so we already know that Crying Child was the bite of 83, and that he hasn't been confirmed to be Micheal Afton. Well I think that he is infact an Afton but im not sure if I think he is Micheal. You can stop here if you don't agree with me because im just going to get deeper into why I don't think he is Micheal but im also going to talk about why he might be Micheal. So for now im leaning towards Micheal being the older brother, before you go to the comments and tell me that im wrong let me explain myself! some o…

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Spongebobguy 2 Spongebobguy 2 4 May 2021

100 Days

what did I do I MADE IT TO DAY 100

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Claraaftonthebestmother Claraaftonthebestmother 3 May 2021


so- heres a link:

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FNAFBonnie1Fan FNAFBonnie1Fan 3 May 2021


Bonnie is my favorite! I feel like later he will become friendly and care about the humans! He is misunderstood and needs love and care! Who is going too join my army to protect him?

Who is your fav FNAF animatronic?

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Just a computery guy Just a computery guy 27 April 2021



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FairBNR FairBNR 26 April 2021

About to start working on the Chances of the FNaF 2 Hallucinations, Look out for it!

I did the FNaF 1 Hallucinations a few days ago so I hope this helps people with whatever, I also make videos showing off the easter eggs after getting all the odds!

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