The Bidybabs are a pair of small animatronics and one of the antagonists in Sister Location. The duo are only active during Night 2 and one in the Custom Night.


The Bidybabs are only active in Circus Gallery on Night 2. While the HandUnit is rebooting the power to Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental, Michael Afton must hide under the desk until the power is restored. While under the desk, Bidybab will enter the room and proceed to look underneath, peering through the holes that riddle the door that protects Michael. After she does that, Bidybab will attempt to pry open the door and pull it open to get inside. Michael has to try and hold the door shut to keep the enemy out. If the player fails to keep the door shut, Bidybab's jumpscare will trigger, resulting in a game over.


Electrobab is a variation of the Bidybabs who features in the non canon Custom Night for Sister Location.


Electrobab will randomly appear in either the East or West closet and begin draining your power. Administer a controlled shock to deactivate Electrobab. Custom Night Description.

Electrobab will randomly appear in CAM 04 or CAM 03 of the Private Room and drain the power,. The only way to get rid of Electrobab is to administer a controlled shock to deactivate it.


  • It's method is similar in fashion to Foxy from the first game.
  • Electrobab will always appear in the room opposite of the room Funtime Freddy is in.