FNAF4 Bedroom

The Player looking arund the Bedroom.

Bedroom is the main location in the game Five Nights at Freddy's 4 that is the equivalent of the Main Office, with the two doors, the front closet, and the Bed behind you.


The Bedroom is a relatively large room. The walls of the room consist of the same blue design as the rest of the location, before splitting into a design more like that of the Closet around halfway down. Two Doors can be seen on either side of the room. The closet can be seen directly in front, with multiple shirts hanging from the hangers above.

The walls of the room are very decorated, consisting of several stars and paintings. An air vent can also be seen on the left wall. Next to the left door, a light switch can be seen. The ceiling appears to be a simple popcorn ceiling with a single light overhead. A toy caterpillar, a blue phone, and a purple robot toy can be seen on the floor of the room.

Sometime if you look Behind a Freddle will Appear and if you Shine at Him he Will gone There are Three Freddles. Failing to Ward off the Three Freddles Will Result into Nightmare Freddy's Jumpscare.


  • The Bedroom is seen in the Private Room secret footage in Sister Location's fake ending.
  • The Bedroom is an unlockable Office in Ultimate Custom Night.
  • Theres a Freddy Plushie on the Bed