Ballora Gallery as seen though the left hand side glass in the Primary Control Module.

Ballora Gallery (also referred to by HandUnit as Ballora Gallery: Party Room and Dance Studio) is a room located from the left in Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rentals in Sister Location. This room contains Ballora and the Minireenas.

During Night 2, after warding off the Bidybabs, Circus Baby tells Michael Afton to disregard HandUnit's instructions and crawl slowly and quietly through Ballora Gallery to reach the Breaker Room. However, Michael can crawl quickly as long as he stays still when Ballora is close, signified by the volume of her music. After rebooting the systems in the Breaker Room, Ballora will hear Michael and voice her suspicions. However, Michael crawls through without worry. Afterwards,Michael does not have to return to Ballora Gallery.