Sister Location

On Night 1, Michael Afton is instructed by HandUnit to check on her. Seeing that she is not on stage, the HandUnit instructs Michael to give her a controlled shock. After doing so, Michael sees Ballora performing on her stage.

On Night 2, Michael is again instructed to check on Ballora by HandUnit. After checking on her and seeing her shadow, the HandUnit instructs them to "zap" her.

Ballora is only active in Ballora Gallery on Night 2. The main point of the night is to crawl to the Breaker Room with a flashlight to guide Michael while avoiding Ballora. Ballora uses audio cues, relying only on the sounds Michael makes to find them. The player also needs to pay close attention to the music Ballora makes; the louder the music, the closer Ballora is. If the player runs without checking or moves while Ballora is near, she will jumpscare them, resulting in a game over.

In Night 3, when Michael checks on Ballora, the Minireenas are seeing holding her dismantled body parts (such as her head, body arms and legs), but HandUnit believes that everything is fine due to the fact that Ballora is technically on her stage.

In Night 4, Ballora is transferred into the Scooping Room by two unseen characters and subsequently "scooped" - dismantled from the inside via a scooper machine, thus freeing the Minireenas to attack Michael. She is then used, along with the other animatronics, to create Ennard.

In Night 5 Baby claims that Ennard is Ballora, without her shell, to lead Mike into a false sense of security.  During the Real Ending, along with other animatronics, Ballora's empty armor-shells are seen from the Scooping Room.

Custom Night


  • Ballora's blueprint reveals she is 6.2 ft tall, and weighs 347 lbs includes the functions of "Audio Activation Sensor", "Deter and Misdirect Remote Activation", "Balance/Stability", and "Collision Sensor".
  • Ballora Was Theorized To Be Mrs. Afton.